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  1. Me gusta. :] idk what it takes to become an official OCR album, but good luck! I hope you get in.
  2. Ooooh, an Ocarina of Time AND a Majora's Mask remix project?! Hot darn! is your MM project an OCR album? What's the link to the thread (or website if it isn't an OCR album)? I'd like to follow your progress with the album. More on-topic, I am constantly following the progress of this album, and I am SO excited for this. Thanks to all who will work on this project.
  3. Seconded!! Been waiting for this thing for a long time, and I cannot wait to gear up for Spring Break with it!
  4. I am so excited to hear this project, you guys don't even know. Any news about an official website for the album? i never saw any links, or does that not get unveiled until the release date? Just a loyal supporter of OCR asking. Thanks, guys.
  5. Aw, dudes! This is just too much! First, the Link's Awakening album, Threshold of a Dream, was released on the 13th, and now the POKEMON album is finished?! Hot diggity-dog!! I realize it may not be released until, like, the last week of January at the earliest, but this is spectacular! SOOO looking forward to this!
  6. Holy pink pagodas, Batman, I know! I looked at the artists when I put it in iTunes, and when I got to Miku, I was like, "Never heard of you, but okay." and then I heard it and I was blown away! So, yeah, Miku, wherever you are, do more stuff!! Edit: upon seeing Dhsu below comment, another alias that Miku has is Kimchi. He/she did another remix from LA: Secret Seashells. it's here on OCR.
  7. I am in the process of putting it my iTunes, and I am so excited. I love albums, and this is just too much--we had DKC2 earlier in the semester, just a few months ago, and now not only is this a new album it's a ZELDA ALBUM, my favorite video game series. SO looking forward to this. Thank you so much to all who worked on this sure-to-be-beautiful album. just put on the first track and I am loving this already. totally brings one in the surroundings of Koholint Island. I am not as familiar with LA as I am with other Zelda games, but the music has always intrigued me. I am applauding a
  8. oh, haha. well, still thanks. Oooh, tomorrow cannot get here soon enough! I want to hear this thing so badly! It will be right up there with DKC2: Serious Monkey Business and Bound Together (EarthBound) for my study playlist during finals week!
  9. Ah. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR. well, good for you then! thanks for helping pull the album together then!
  10. so what i want to know is hoe did you get your hands on the album before the rest of us? :'(
  11. For realz? I thought so, just based on the comments on this thread. Say what?
  12. total agreement. the overall themes of Majora's Mask are indeed creepy, but this mix takes on a whole new attitude with the source. best thing though is that you guys didn't try to carry it out too long. Diggin' the free-style around 2:30. Very groovy. XD looking forward to more mixes from you two!
  13. I am SO PUMPED for this album, you all have no idea. LOVE, love, love the DKC2 remix album, so I am eagerly awaiting great things from you guys! Keep up the great and musical work!
  14. i meant no harm or offense in saying that. he still helped to bring Pokemon to life, but in this context you are correct.
  15. this isnt directly related to the album, but I thought you guys might like to know that Takeshi Shudo, the writer for Pokemon, died Saturday morning, October 30. Here's the article: http://tellycafe.com/general-news/takeshi-shudo-pokemon-and-minky-momo-creator-dies-at-61/ I think when I say that a large part of my childhood died with him I speak for everyone at least on this thread.
  16. Ah, I understand. At any rate, keep up the excellent work, everyone!
  17. i am very excited about this project. I know it's been in the works for a while now, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that this is almost finished!! Has OCR given you guys an official release date?
  18. Tell me you are submitting this to the judges panel. Please tell me that because this kicks major ass, dude. This is unlike any Dark World Theme remix I have ever heard. With a bit more length to it, this could be epic!
  19. All right! oooh, I LOVE where it picks up at :47; very steady back beat and I am digging it! ...I also hear strings at 1:46 with Passion thrown in--awesome. Going back to the steady back beat... And of course the piano that carries the main melody of Sacred Moon is just fantastic; it really shines through on this mix. The ending is rather sudden, though. :/ LOVE it, and keep it up, man!
  20. THIS. I like it a lot! The drums are placed well, i think. It is a great homage to the original. It needs to be longer, though. 2:20 is just not enough awesome! And a Kingdom Hearts OCR Project?! I would shit a brick.
  21. Very nice beat! very bouncy, and just puts me in a good mood!
  22. love the piano at the opening, and then the slowed down Zelda theme--classic! and now--i'm listening as i type--it's got a great beat. Loving it!! look to b hearing more from you in the future!
  23. one of the best remixes i've heard in a while. Job well done!
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