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  1. I don't know if the song of healing has a different name in the game soundtrack when used as a background track. I know it plays inside the Clock Tower and in that house where the father was made a mummy, if that helps. Anyway, I love dark themes like that one and would love to see someone redo the song. I really have no preference on how it's done genre-wise as long as it still keep the dark undertone to it. (You can use your own judgment on what genre that limits you to.) Anyway, I'm aware there's no guarantee someone will do this one. If so though, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for taking the time to read, whether you consider or not.
  2. This is an utterly beautiful rendition of this song. It is just as dramatic and moving as the original if not moreso. I love the slow build and that you didn't add too many instruments or make it too busy. I was afraid of listening to a remix of this particular song but I'm so glad I did!
  3. I love this song to death. I fell for this song hard when I heard it in Super Metroid and came on here hoping to find good remixes of this theme. I made the mistake of trying to torrent remixes of it and the biggest issue I've seen with some remixes of this song is they make it too cheerful or make it some kind of style that doesn't suit it, like happy hardcore or even jazzy. This song's tone is dark and almost suffocating. It was a beautiful choice for the game, but I find myself severely disappointed when a song's main tone is stripped from it. I think it really takes a large amount of talent to make a song your own while still keeping the feel of it for the listeners who loved the original to begin with. Beautifully done.
  4. Hey. Name's Koru as far as everyone is concerned. Played oboe and flute for a while, but as far as composing and remixing goes, I have no clue. I'm trying to learn but I honestly think my role here will probably be feedback more than anything.
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