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  1. This track is amazing and easily in my top 5 remixes. Makes me want a remake of X2 featuring a soundtrack entirely mixed by these two
  2. Well yeah, a little bit of the lyrics were, but my main complaint is that most of the lyrics were cut out and filled in with "shananana hananana". It just sounds... Well, like a cover band throwing filler in 'cause they don't know the words of the song. But I may have been a little over-critical in my initial comments. Baba Yetu did set the bar pretty high and yet you guys still braved it and made a unique derivative work based off of it. Not quite for me but I'm certain there are others who will enjoy it quite a bit.
  3. Obviously there's no point in discussing anything with you since you already have it in your head that anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant. Ironically, such a closed-minded attitude is itself characteristic of an idiot.
  4. The point is that both are disrespectful (not Christ's name in and of itself, but rather its usage in this context.)
  5. Well, the instrumentation was alright, but given the core material they had to work with, I was pretty disappointed with this mix. It lacks the intense feel of Baba Yetu, and lyrics like "shananana hannananah" just feel bland. With Baba Yetu, even though I don't understand the words being spoken, they form a clear structure and have the feel of a carefully thought out song. I think if they'd gone strictly instrumental it could have worked, as could have ulilizing anything other than filler lyrics. Although I would like to say that filler lyrics like "shananana hannananah" would never be destined for greatness, I guess that just isn't true given some of the albums that top charts these days...
  6. Yes, because a request for a little courtesy is the same as imposing religious values on people (sarcasm). Come up with a response that's a little less cliche and makes sense given the context, will you.
  7. Not to keep beating a dead horse, but all I requested by my post was that people be a little more thoughtful in the titling of their submissions. Yeah, I'll survive. Yeah, I've heard about a billion people use Christ's name irreverently. True, not everybody is a Christian. Not everybody is of African descent either, yet that doesn't mean it's ok to use the "n" word recklessly, or at all for that matter. Likewise, using Christ's name in such a manner is inappropriate, although I suppose it is your right to do so if that is what you choose. I suggested being considerate in titling future submissions, not trying to force him to change the title; it just needed to be stated that no, this isn't cool with me, and a number of people that share my viewpoint. No, this isn't a Christian site, but to my knowledge it isn't anti-Christian either; there are a plurality of views held by folks both who use and contribute to this site, and it would seem like a good thing to be respectful of that.
  8. Truly a beautiful piece. I think I'll have to have it played at my wedding when I finally find my one girl in all the world
  9. A very interesting juxtaposition of two very sinister pieces. Personally I'm more partial to the Norfair aspect of it but the fusion of the two pieces together with the artist's incredible talent makes for a very intense adrenaline rush. A death march even Darth Vader would be proud to march to
  10. Beautiful remix. I could honestly imagine this being played in the background at a fancy, romantic restaurant without feeling geeky
  11. This track is amazing. The tune it was based off of is one of my favorites of all time, and this mix certainly does it justice. Now if only there was an OC Remix dance club
  12. It has a decent beat. That said, I would hope that Doug would be a little more thoughtful in titling future submissions. I realize that not everybody in this world or on this site is a Christian and I can respect that. However, it seems to me that using Christ's name in this context had little purpose other than to inflame Christian visitors / users. Yes he has a legal right to title his piece whatever he likes, and I'm not saying that he should try to please everybody, but at the same time, don't go out of your way to piss people off. Furthermore I'm not asking that he or anyone else on this site believe as I do (not saying that he doesn't, but that's the impression I get from the way he used Christ's name in the title); I am simply asking that if you don't, that you be respectful of people such as myself and who / what we believe.
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