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  1. Learn. Improve. Share. Collaborate. Just getting started? Read up on submitting, check our tutorials, and get some feedback. @ http://www.ocremix.org/workshop as for storage i use mediafire.com, but there is a scratch space here at ocr for wip's also. as for the recording, i love what you have done so far arrangement wise. lots of original content . the bass is a bit much, i would tone it down. would you be willing to scrap it completely and go realistic bass? i'd guess you will have people saying it's too long, but i think this song should be at least 4mins, especially considering the slow tempo. but i would still make the last minute or two more interesting. i would also add some dynamic volume swells and panorama changes. waiting for v2... -geven
  2. i enjoyed v1.1 a lot. i still think you should change the melody synth. you have so many attack-type synths at once, and just that one sustain-type that repeats. it's ok to remove the instruments and go all drumnbass for a few beats, or vice versa. i would look at the notes and see which ones are not necessary. delete some selectively, so that there are fewer true loops, making each part of the song unique. -geven
  3. wow! simply amazing. now i'm wondering why link never spoke before. and wishing nintendo would get back in the habit of making sequels on the same console. -geven
  4. great job! it passes my remix test in that i prefer it to the original, which is rare. it gets a little loud at 1:11. i turned the volume up for the first minute, then BAM! ow! my ears! i would make the intro slightly louder to compensate. back off on the chorus just a tad. perhaps increase the rhythm guitar volume at the end. keep it up. -geven
  5. congratulations on your wedding plans! so i assume you left your sax in the states, or sold it? there are lots of musicians here at ocr, perhaps you could request people to record specific trax. otherwise i'm confident it would work well with synths with enough instrument and midi detail. -geven
  6. i really like what you've done. if you could find musicians to record the trax and avoid synths where possible, that would be great. waiting for the next version... -geven
  7. sorry, IMAGES ARE NOW ON!1! i would rework the melody at 2:27. the synths are so watery and all treble, they blend together. maybe try a different instrument for the melody at 2:41. it's such an important part of the arrangement. i like the fact that you included dissonance, just make sure it's the right amount. i'd love to hear the next version. -geven
  8. i like the production. what is the source material? but i think its too repetitive. i don't like waiting until 1:25 to hear a melody. keep up the good work. -geven
  9. i'm not listening to something on youtube.com please post a link and i will listen. -geven
  10. good work. only advice i have is to spread the material out. you've got too many things going at once. the original track is not overpowering, but mellow. -geven
  11. This is a remix of the intro theme currently, but i wish to lengthen it with themes from sunset bay and southern island. Please give me suggestions, support, advice or criticism. version 9: http://download747.mediafire.com/1aqtggjmtddg/igydgz24qyt/wave+race-9audio-2.MP3 THANK YOU -geven
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