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  1. It's a good piece. I like the atmosphere it creates and the general feel of it. As mentioned by others though, I was a little let down by how short it was as I felt it could go on for a while longer. Otherwise though a good track.
  2. This is really a good track. It's very relaxing and ambient. The wind and water-y sounds (from the actual game if I'm not mistaken?) at the beginning immediately bring to mind the early levels in the caves (as well as others), and then coming in over that is the Tomb Raider theme tune which I love so much, and adds a sense of mystery. The bass and the guitars gradually come into it more and really add to the more adventurous side of the game. An excellent track. My only real complaint is that it felt a little short, but that's a small issue. And is that a TR bat I hear at the end?
  3. A very nice mix. The original theme is 'jazzed' up and made much livelier. I'll admit that when I first listened to it I wasn't sure I liked it all, but it quickly grew on me before it even ended and a few listens later I really like this. It's lively, energetic, fun, and still keeps the sort of 'essence' of the original. Well done. Also, can I ask if I'm the only one who was reminded, up until about 1'10 when the main theme kicked in, of the music from FF7:AC where Cloud fights Kadaj etc. in the Forgotten Capital? Nothing good or bad about that it's just something that occured to me But anyway, a good remix, well done.
  4. *is in love with this track* This is just BEAUTIFUL! The various themes work wonderfully together, and the transition from one to the other is seemless and perfect. Not over the top either, the instruments and mixing is lovely. Overall a beautiful piece and one of my favourite tracks. I'd go into more detail but there are just no words.
  5. Ashamedly I must admit that despite being an avid Shenmue fan, when I was looking through the list of remixed Shenmue tracks, 'Bob's Pizzeria' and it's tune didn't immediately spring to my mind. So I downloaded the track to have a listen and see if I could remember which piece of music it was. And then it all came flooding back to me! This track is lovely, capturing the ambience perfectly and makes for great easy listening music. While not one of my favourite OCR tracks, it makes for very pleasant listening
  6. A wonderfully beautiful piano mix. It captures perfectly the character of Aerith, that scene from the game, the relationship, and the emotions that go along with it. It captures that beauty and sorrow at the same time wonderfully. The simplicity of just having the piano play is great, and is in no way 'too simple'. It's easy to go OTT with pieces sometimes, but the simplicity of this was good for conveying the emotions involved. Someone earlier said that it's good to relax you when under stress, and that is very true. But although that's a good practical use of the song, it's just enchanting to listen to. Well done. And I wish I could play piano this well!
  7. This is an amazing mix! I'm fairly new to the site so I haven't heard much of zyko's other pieces, but he's definately somone I'm gonna look into more. The mix itself really captures the essence of the Midna and the Twilight Realm and zyko's done an amazing job here. I felt all the different sounds worked really well together and the male vocals were perfect. One thing though? I loved the first growl at the end of track that only lasted a second, but I felt the longer repeated growl that came like, 10 seconds later was a little flat? But that is a small issue. Overall, a brilliant remix from a great game!
  8. Firstly, can I just say this is an absolutely amazing song! It really conveys the emotion from the original track and the games in general. I loved Shenmue and Shenmue II when they first came out and I played them on my Dreamcast. They're still two of my favourite games of all time. It captures the emotion of the game perfectly and really makes me want to go back and play through Ryo's adventure again (as well as wish they would release the final game(s) of the series!), and I know that during my relaxing summer holidays that's exactly what I'll do. Well done, an amazing track!
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