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  1. When the server was under Fireslash's despotic reign, the datacenter was Texas, and i didn't find it added much to the transit time( 'ping') for the server, since the major data pipe goes right from toronto down to Chicago and then on to texas.
  2. That looks like it would be fun for an event night.
  3. I think he means once the update drops, Foundry will be the top of the maplist and will be the first one the server loads because Valve hates powerlord. My thought would be to set permissions on mapcycle.txt to stop it from being changed, so vavle can't write to it.
  4. You can trust it Paranoid. I downloaded it, and i turned out TV. Here's a question - Tangentially related to OCR TF2, but does anyone on here know of anyone that has won a game from the wishlist giveaways the last couple of times they've done it? Friend of a friend, stuff like that? Has anyone seen where Valve posts the winners lists?
  5. What you may want to do, is to emulate what Rambo used to do, and set up a time for people to come and do some semi serious scrimmages on a passworded server (to reduce visitation by pubs). Set up actual teams, and play in stop watch mode on the various maps that are used for competition play. (steel, gravelpit and the like) That way ,once you discover a tournement you want to play, you've got some people ready made to join up. I'm sure a mod or two would be willing to give you a hand, if powerlord's got the tourney configs setup.
  6. I'm also in on the SWTOR beta...... Plus what brush said. if you want to play, you should hang out on OCR and see if you can seed it. Once the servers in the list you might at least get random pubbies, till the regulars can get on.
  7. so what do you think then? we start a pool, everybody toss a scrap in, closest to the date and time wins it all then?
  8. So who wants to lay odds on what day the Halloween update drops? Thursday is their traditional day, but that would put the release only 4 days before halloween. Who's thinking when? Want to start a little pool to wager on when?
  9. I talked to Brush, filled him in. Let's just let this one go. I've talked to the people involved, and things are copacetic. We don't need to rehash it here for a week or two getting people angrier. There are merits to both sides of the arguments that caused the issue, and it could have been handled better, but it was over and done within 2 minutes. First up - unless it comes from an admin - anything another player requests, is just that, a request. You can listen to them, ignore them, whatever. (except where this contradicts the micspamming rule) 2. The admins are going to talk about decreasing the time before the server auto specs and kicks people for AFK. 3 - Profit! So, let's get ready for some fun Halloween killing.
  10. as of last night frogg was seeking fists Nevermind, he has found them.
  11. yeah, once Kami left the server emptied. Once Chili left the lag went away......
  12. Pretty sre steam takes paypal. all that takes is a bank account, i think......
  13. I haven't noticed any large amounts of server lag that couldn't be explained by machine lag/issues. I think there are some issues with some dropped packets (things jumping, not being able to see certain projectiles, spys being completely invisible until they stab me, stuff like that.) What sort of levels of server can we go up too?
  14. I had to try twice to get it to work.
  15. Classy Brush. Hoopy, in spite of what some people will say, the 'regulars' on OCR do present a slightly higher level of skill than you'll find on any other random pub server. The only way to get better at something is to practice, and to stop being so concerned with what you do. This isn't the Game Olympics, the fate of the country isn't based on how you do. It's just a bunch of friends getting together to kill each other. Take it easy.
  16. You're not the king, you're a doctor! of Horse hooves! you don't even have a P.HD in ass-kicking!
  17. I spoke to III_demon today after his return from a family thing, and i don't think he's going to be available to help you. He said that he's not that great at testuring anyway.........
  18. blu did crash horribly well, minutes after you posted this. Fireslash got it restarted.
  19. If he's still got it, i'd do the rocket launcher for a refined or two.....
  20. to make certain we're up to date there, so that we can quickly enter bans from the web, as opposed to having to launch TF2...... (nope, bark didn't forget his password..... nope, not at all.......)
  21. As mentioned below - look up the launch options, and add -silly You'll start getting the gears ........
  22. Actually Brush, i beleive this person wants the -silly launch option, as opposed to the well deserved birthday mode for your birthday.
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