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  1. I can double as medic as well, being the utility player spare..... Since i can't post in the ocr teeam 1 group, i'm free from about 6 pm est onwards, and free most weekends.
  2. A smart medic IS healing everybody, builds uber faster, but then goes with a specfic pairing to push. (i.e. frogg, most demomen, frogg, soldiers, frogg as a scout, other medics to uberchain, etc)
  3. And that's what started wtih shareware, now facilitated with intra party transfers able to handle small amounts of currency (paypal, steamwallet) can do. If that's how much Valve paid to those guys, how much has valve actually made on these small transactions? Have they proven that this is a viable release mechanism that can now bypass stores and help provide a long tail of support and interest that doesn't involve brick and mortar stores holding inventory?
  4. Friday is fine, Sunday may be problematic, as it is Canadian thanksgiving, and i will be at my parents for dinner, and may be too stuffed to reach the mouse.
  5. In the comments on the match, it says that the score posted itself reversed, and an admin fixed it.
  6. What, you don't remember Mrs Bark and I live in Canada, same with Rambo?
  7. Here Brush, take it easy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScG0ilS0dgI
  8. The game login screen? or Windows?
  9. I'd check sound drivers, wierd as that sounds, and also, power down, pull a stick of ram, power up, start the game, see what happens. If it crashes, power down, swap ram, try again. Have you got any other intensive program you can run to check if it's your system or the game?
  10. and we'll note that Brushfire is the ring leader of this teamstacking event..... I never thought he'd teamstack.
  11. Hi Everyone.... I'm Bark.... been playing on the TF2 server, thought i'd hit the forum and say hi.....
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