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  1. This was awesome even before the guitar hit, and the drums were on point the whole time! If there is one thing that I have been appreciating more in the past year or so, it's the combination of ethnic sounding themes and harder rock, so hearing the Millennial Fair and some Schala and Magnus in this heavy hitting Middle Eastern style was a treat. Loved every bit of this, you guys made a fantastic ReMix here.
  2. Sounds almost like a futuristic jungle with the dark synth humming along with the tribal beat. I have to admit, the conspiracy voice samples added to the mysteriousness of it all and really helped keep this ReMix on track for all of the eight minutes it had, providing breaks and maybe adding narrative if a listener wanted to look at it that way, which makes it easier to get a picture in your head when listening to it. Always a plus when you can get imagery out of a song that also sounds great, so overall a fine ReMix indeed.
  3. Cool, I'm digging the mix of metal and retro sounds combining in this mix (especially the djent bits with eerie chip sounds sprinkled around it), very unique and interesting. It's such a fun arrangement to listen to, especially because you've allowed the structure to change so much over the course of the song while keeping the actual source melodies strong. This one's going on my playlist for sure!
  4. That sax hitting after the initial build is like busting through the barrier of heavenly clouds, sexy and smooth. Definitely getting a romantic feeling out this sweet jazzy tune, fantastic ReMix dudes!
  5. I was looking forward to what would happen this year, so when I saw the homepage and saw a bunch of Russian along with "Sonic", I was laughing before I even made it to Google Translate. Well played, guys.
  6. So fitting for the finale struggle against Dracula himself, with the sound FX and climatic percussion over the powerful, yet almost sad choir. Excellent mood setting, with the arrangement driving home the emotions. Some powerful cinematic magic in this ReMix indeed, splendid work man.
  7. I like that this track uses it's time to explore it's musical possibilities and bring in a lot of ideas like a cycle. Some of those I ideas, like the bells near the end, were sweet and I would have enjoyed being used more. I was afraid at the end with the volume lowered that it was going to be a fade out ending, which I normally don't mind but I don't think would have worked as well for this mix, so I'm glad it had a more definitive ending note, though I wish it was louder and/or longer to punctuate it. Minor production nitpicks aside, I enjoyed this a lot and seems like a very strong mix from a good group. Not bad, guys!
  8. I got a huge feeling of old-school Sci-Fi vibes from the intro right before it breaks into more of an action piece. Plenty of creepiness to go around at around 1:28, with the chimes and strings at work, which works so well to bridge together the more vicious wubs and the drop. Good ending as well, never a bad choice to end with an evil laugh. Definitely one of my favorite tracks off Vampire Variations 3.
  9. Man, I am loving that guitar in this ReMix, and the orchestral elements add so much meat to it, it's like a metal feast. So much variation and change throughout the mix, and that section around two and half minutes in with the piano, drum and trailing guitar was so epically sinister. That was awesome. Very cool ReMix.
  10. Pretty haunting atmosphere going on with this solo-piano piece, and a fantastic performance to boot. Even when the pace picks up, the piano feels right at home with the dark arrangement. Caught that Mystic Cave zone cameo as well, which was a neat surprise. Very good ReMix, Rexy, I liked this quite a lot.
  11. Sweet! This is the perfect "running from enemies coming after/shooting at you" music, and the vocal clips of being taunted by that computer voice made it just that much more tense. Lots of energy, a sick beat that escalated and deescalated perfectly for an EDM track and overall sounds very well produced. Awesome ReMix for sure.
  12. This is gorgeous, man. Just works so amazingly well for the game it came from, and the continuous cinematic build is littered with emotion. Makes me think of a strange combination of relief from a long fight, with a touch of sorrow for added weight. And that ending was fantastic after it came to a head musically. So damn good, very much liked this.
  13. This is the version of Blanka's theme I've kinda wanted to hear for a long time, one that reflects what Blanka appeared to be at first glance, a brutal beast that bites, scratches and electrocutes trespassers in his jungle. I liked that this had a serious tone in the guitar, but the synths didn't seem to go along that direction other than to provide a clearer melody. It's a contrast that I liked more during the second half of the original theme (like in 2:26-2:40) then the other parts of the theme. But still, it's a solid mix that gets me closer to the vicious, feral, unrestrained Blanka I've always wanted than ever before, so I can really appreciate this one. Not bad.
  14. This is really cool! I liked the original enough as it was (especially the remastered Native American sounding version), but giving it this Oriental makeover was fun to hear because I'm also a huge fan of this kind of arrangement style and Eastern instruments. Sounds elegant and comfortably soothing, a fantastic solo ReMix indeed. This one really made me smile.
  15. Now this is some proper fight music, with high energy, breakneck percussion, and electric guitars hitting hard while providing the melody in the lead. I kinda like how the synth sorta sounds like it's backing the guitars up, adding layers to the whole ReMix. Sounds like a technique I'd expect from an older RPG battle theme, so it worked for me even if they didn't change throughout the mix. I will say that I can understand where some are coming from on the over-compression critique, but it kinda came off more retro sounding than bad to me, so I'm not really bugged by it at all. I think DusK did a great job with this battle ReMix.
  16. This has quite the emotion to it, and I get the sense that this would be something incredible with the right visual picture in mind with how cinematic it was. The amazing build-up in the beginning, the slow-down and the final rebuild to the end made this work so well as an arrangement that makes me think of someone becoming more determined and hopeful while getting towards the top of a mountain or some kind of imagery like that. Anyway, very good ReMix, I'd say.
  17. Yeah, I hear the rough style of this one, and it really gives this song a unique personality because you can tell that it was done as a choice. Reminds me of a chill bar or a lounge type place from an older time in the slower parts. Certainly an interesting ReMix to hear, and while I can safely say that I'll never spell the title of this mix correctly ever, I can see myself enjoying the actual song a few times in the future. Nice work!
  18. Well, sure as hell didn't waste any time in getting into the badass chanting and guitar work right out of the gates, huh? This is terrific, I love how this bounces back and forth between something more relaxing and the chaotic sections. Even with the outro, the woodwinds make it seem peaceful, and then the guitar kicks in again to take it home, so both sides of the spectrum got to shine in this one. Great arrangement, and I always enjoy hearing more "Bonds of Sea and Flame", so I can easily say I liked this ReMix.
  19. Yeah, the solos really shine in this ReMix, especially that flute, which I couldn't help but smile from hearing. This was a very cool mix and I quite enjoyed this rendition of Casino Night Zone. I honestly probably would have had a better time with this Zone if I was listening to this during all that, haha. Damn fine ReMix indeed, I like this.
  20. Cool, this is a very well written ReMix. Lots of great orchestral story telling with this one, and starting off light only to slowly build up to a grander sound was great. Hard to believe that this is so short when it sounds as fully fleshed out as it does. I haven't played any Dragon Warrior games myself, but I do like a good narrative, and musically, this has one in my opinion. Well done.
  21. Ahhhh, this is so good. The style kinda reminds me of a really advanced tune that would come from a DS Sonic or Mega Man, with the funky bass and rock working together along with the "starbits" sounds that show up every now and then, especially in the very first second of the song (I don't know what that is actually called, so I just call them "starbits" in songs, because that's the image in my head when I hear that sound effect, a star flying). Upbeat, catchy and full of energy, this is all around a fantastic ReMix. Absolutely love this one!
  22. Interesting. Some of the notes in the chiptune parts actual remind me of some of the old Game Boy Shantae notes with how the notes rolled, particularly a minute in. I have to say I really started to like this mix a lot half way through when it got more frantic, combining the electric guitar and chiptune together in a more driven sense. This was a fun song to listen to, and I kinda dig the idea of taking chiptunes and giving them a rock treatment and driving the intensity up a little bit. I actually hope to hear more aggressive chiptune/rock tracks like this in the future for more badass retro sounds. Awesome ReMix, I love it!
  23. This is one of those ReMixes that I consider "HD" versions of themes, where it takes what I loved about a source theme as a kid and amplifies it, helping me remember what I loved about them in the first place. This mix accomplishes that by getting straight to the point with some rock that was very heavy on the guitars, as a good battle theme should be. Yeah, I wasn't crazy over the fade out, and the short length calls for a case of replay button abuse, but those two things aside, I gotta say I enjoyed the soloing right before the end also. This was a very well arranged ReMix managed to fit a hell of a lot into the length it had, which is great. An honor for K. Rool indeed.
  24. Oooh, this is very cool sounding. Strong futuristic atmosphere with such a chill beat, and the vocals are amazing. Everything meshes together perfectly for a distinct cybernetic ReMix. I could easily picture myself listening to something like this while walking through an empty or less populated city at night. Very nice.
  25. This would have made one hell of a club hit in the 90's, I think. I used to listen to a lot of music like this a long time ago, fun stuff. Aggressive, but with a hell of a beat and lots of creepy vocalizations by Bateman. Terrific psytrance in every sense, I could really get used to hearing this more often again. Great ReMix, man!