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  1. I'm not going to lie, I did the same thing as a few others and misread the title the same way. I have no regrets. Still, I love this saxy little tune and how it pretty much embodies the whole spirit of the Snow Mountain with the accordion and Christmas tunes showing up in the end. It might be a tad short in length, but this ReMix covers a lot of ground and really nails the jazzy/rock style. It even has a great seasonal opening that fits the source and the guitar felt like it belonged, striking the right tone. Great holiday tune for sure.
  2. This is gorgeous, Gar. The flute and airy chorus playing alongside the softly-strummed guitar while gliding over the ocean waves makes me really want to listen to this while drifting in a small boat at night with the Northern Lights overhead. Gentle, relaxing, and peaceful, this is Winter mysticism in music form and I think this is the perfect kind of ReMix to lay back and listen to in order to remove a lot of stress by listening and forgetting all else. Love it.
  3. Wintery seasonal music that bursts into metal, my favorite kind of holiday music. I do get a bit of the Trans-Siberia Orchestra style out of this, which is the way to go when you want to give the cold months of the end of the year an edge. The mood is right, the arrangement is right, and there is really nothing I can nitpick that distracted me too much out of the song, so I definitely dig it.
  4. I really never had a problem with Vocaloid music, though I do admit that I'm more of a fan of the deeper voiced ones like Luka or Meiko, so this is even closer to what I enjoy in this field because it is much clearer than the usual vocaloid stuff. And beyond the vocals, the music itself was very pleasant to listen to and had a smooth, warm feel. I could see this fitting very much into a Vocaloid rhythm game with how it showcases a steady beat with the strong guitar solo. Very nice, I enjoyed hearing this!
  5. The glitchy bass and the fast percussion was an unexpected combination, but one that meshed well in my opinion with the backing beat that worked like a musical metronome as well as sounding nice on it's own. And my love for well-placed bells extends to this mix as well. The whole arrangement is fun, and the break was perfectly executed. Not bad at all.
  6. God damn that guitar playing is sexy! But in addition to that, there's a great atmosphere underneath that is jazzy, and somehow still manages to be be somewhat relaxing, at least to me if I don't focus directly on the guitar. I often forget that songs don't have to be slow or quieter to have that chill quality, especially when the groove is this damn smooth. And of course the piano was delightful. This is the kind of song I would love to listen to in the car on a closed road going over sixty miles an hour, because it's as smooth as the ride but also as exciting as the speed. Excellent ReMix, melody.
  7. Really getting 90's vibes out of this ReMix, almost to a backbeat level with all the sound effects and scratches early on. Strong bass gives it a rougher edge than the original had. Makes me think that this would have been an awesome alternate theme if the Kongs had to go to a part of the volcano where the lava had cooled, like the lava reef in S&K. The arrangement is taken in several different directions so it never seems to stay in one spot too long, keeping it fresh. I like this one quite a bit.
  8. Very action/adventure oriented, which is perfect for delving into the Contra games. Hits hard and fast from the get-go, and has a great break in the middle that gradually builds back up to the action quickly. Not much I could say that others haven't said, but I do like how the drums sounded, especially in areas where they were more featured around the guitars. The xylophone was a good choice to add another layer to the arrangement. Overall, pretty good work from a lot of talented ReMixers.
  9. Never heard of this game, but the vocal clips and the electric beat of this one gives me a beat-em-up nightclub level vibe. Very much a fan of the latter half of this mix, where everything hits just right and the melody takes off in all it's EDM glory. Such an interesting track to me, because I can hear a lot of styles mixed in terms of years, like I get a little bit of 80's and 90's mixed together here, which is super cool to me. Not sure if it's just me or what, but I totally dig it. Good stuff.
  10. Honestly, this doesn't even really seem all that short to me, and even if it is, there is a lot of impressive work in this mix for only three days. Strong Eastern arrangement with some glitchy synths to add energy and action makes for the kind of ReMix that partially reminds me of some of the later levels in some Prince of Persia games, just with better production if you know what I mean. Great mix, and I gotta echo DJP in that I'd love to see you tackle some Shantae themes with how well you you handled faster energy and Eastern sounds from this one. Nice work!
  11. Yeah, I'm definitely not familiar with the Castlevania 64 stuff, but from what I picked up on the SMW castle bits and working from there for context, it really seems to fit like a glove. The glitchy, distorted atmosphere is what really makes this ReMix to me, it just makes everything seem off until you get that evil sounding "It's-a me" part, and then the images of a Thing-ish Mario succumbing to insanity and evil pop up. Lots of fun in this one, I like it.
  12. Good to hear some good old harpsichord and organ for a sweet orchestral take on the banquet hall. Has a lot of good classical horror dynamics that really fit in with the arrangement. Very solid mix to debut with and have on this album.
  13. This is charming as all hell, especially the second half of the ReMix when you busted out the shaker and the vocalizations. Between the two second talking opening and the vocals, it had a very jammy live flavor, which is perfect for walking down the routes of Pokemon. If I had to nitpick, there were some points where something sounded off to me. I can't pinpoint if it was certain notes themselves or the tone, but it wasn't enough to take me completely out of the song. Not bad, a good tribute to Mr. Iwata.
  14. Wow, nice! This is the kind of rock that I would expect from something like Smash Bros, which makes having it used in the EVO hype video fitting and well-deserved. The percussion was amazingly hard-hitting, and the whole mix just sounded as clean as could be. Very cool track from a pretty sweet album.
  15. Starting off with Dan after the vs intro was the best choice to set the tone for this funky track, and I really liked the transitions between Chun-li and Zangief and Sakara getting the best end of the latter half of it all. Switching back and forth between all of those classic sources made this sound so smooth, it never lost it's rocking energy or funk. So many great themes meshing together in a fantastic ReMix!
  16. Leave it to a ReMixer called Funk Fiction to really lay out some solid, almost spacey funk work. I have to admit, Mario's "ungh" voice clip being used like this got a smirk out of me, and the rest of mix was very well produced, using the SFX tastefully. Having such a funky mix of the special zone theme with the overworld theme sprinkled around it is pretty fun because if you left the controller alone while on the special map screen for a while, the overworld theme would play as an easter egg in SMW. Probably wasn't intentional, but still fun to remember while listening to this one. Nice work.
  17. The slap-bass section really works for Bowser's map to me, I almost think it matches to what it was attempting to be originally. The fact that you can pull this out of a source that was so short is a testament to your skills, and I'm digging this beat. Using the theme for Bowser showing up as a build back to the main part of the song after the break was cool. Not bad at all.
  18. After giving this one a listen, I think I'm honestly more of a fan of this kind of dubstep, where it has charm and a lighter melody that breaks up the actual dub sections, so that when it get aggressive, it has more purpose (even though this one was pretty tame), rather than normal buzzsaw-esque dubstep. It's a nice mix with a good beat, and overall a good addition to a pretty sweet album.
  19. Oooooh, yes this is so jazzy and funky, I love it! A good ol' electro-swing beat with some powerful underlying blasts full of energy, god it's really hard not to dance to this ReMix. You almost HAVE to at the very least tap your toes or nod your head to this. If you don't feel like The Mask in the club listening to this, then somebody must have stopped ya! Great mix, fellas.
  20. This is super fun, the accordion fits too damn well with the Windmill Hut that I would not be surprised if I was told that this was how it was meant to be played. WorldsBestGrandpa always had the best sounding folksy mixes that I'm fond of, considering that I've heard similar stuff around my family where I live for years. Great arrangement of a classic source, a certain download for me.
  21. Oh yeah, I love this so very much. Strong Japanese influence that definitely sounds like the middle of a battle with lots of determination and focus in some areas, and more contemplative in others. Those chants near the end really get you amped for a fight, The flute is fantastic, and the percussion has that animated action scene quality that reminds me of so many other tv shows. Not much to nitpick at that hasn't already been mentioned, and all around, a mix that I will enjoy for quite a while.
  22. Portal was always one of those game series that had a strong musical identity for me, and I can still hear it underneath this ReMix even with the upgrade with a faster retro sounding EDM base, which is cool. I think what I mean by that is that I feel like this mix not only rearranges the source, but also builds and expands on it, making it the artists own while keeping it recognizable. These kinds of mixes are some of my favorites, where the balance between nostalgia (well, as much nostalgia as you can get from a game that really isn't old enough to be described as "nostalgic") and original direction hit just right and ultimately make a song better in my opinion. Great stuff, man!
  23. I can definitely hear where others are getting some Spirited Away and SMG out of this in it's grand whimsically sounding arrangement. It's a really beautiful ReMix that holds up extremely well as the instruments play off each other and sounds like something I'd hear in a good symphonic concert. Very nice.
  24. This makes me so happy, such a fun, happy ReMix with enough Larry to go around (especially if you are a fan of both Larry's). The music in itself is awesome, especially that solo from Willrock that was so damn good. Hell, jokes or not, the talking fit right in with the rest of mix. I think this ReMix could have me smiling for a long, long time. So damn fun, I love it.
  25. I am impressed on how well you handle switching up the time signatures for these themes, and honestly the longer the song went, the better off it sounded, like setting into a groove. The uniqueness of this arrangement helps it really stand out alongside the great transitions between the themes and your original sections. Giving this jazzy piece a touch of gospel flavor was a great idea, as I think it worked pretty damn well. A very good mix, man!