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  1. I just want to be able to ghetto DJ mix it, so where its 1 continuous track and the songs overlap each other. end of song 1 is playing, song 2 is playing in the background but at a lower volume then song 2 gets louder and song 1 ends.
  2. sorry, I didnt know where to post it :/ Thanks though i'll check it out.
  3. Hey guys, So my g/f wants me to make some CD's for her bday party this weekend and I wanted them to sound like a smooth continuous track sort of like a DJ mix instead of just playing track after track with pauses in between holy run on sentence batman! What do you guys recommend I get. All I want to do is fade songs in and out or lay tracks on top of each other. Help please o.o Thanks!
  4. I was talking about the 2d genesis sonics. The last 3d sonic I played was Sonic Adventure. You're telling me that you can't charge spin in sonic 2 or 3? Or turn into super sonic? Did you even read my post? Also, for the time (Early 90's) that was hands down the fastest moving platformer game ever made. So yes I still think speed is a huge factor, Big Boss! I'm also very impressed with your 6000+ posts, that means you are much wiser than me.
  5. It was never about speed yet it was the fastest platformer ever to come out at the time. Also everything sonic did implied speed like the constant running (animating that his feet were moving so fast they just became a circle), the speed charges, the springs and ya... SUPER SONIC, oh yea his name SONIC. lol if you don't think the game was speed oriented maybe you were just playing it wrong. You sound very angry, like sega peed in your porridge .
  6. Blind, you're work is incredible. It's a shame you don't make music for video games. If I was a guy in charge of things like that I'd make sure you'd be doing VG BGMs and getting P-A-I-D Keep up the good work man! You'll get your jackpot one day.
  7. In the event I'm ever in charge of developing a video game and it has great music. don't let the sound effects ruin the music AND make sure music persists through screens.
  8. So after listening to just the music for so long. I went back and played the game. The composer (Tim Follin) got so screwed over on his awesome songs cause of 2 major reasons. 1. The sound effects were louder and stomped over everything you could hear in the song. All you hear the whole time is your gunfire. 2. The game was very hard, and every time you died (which was usually about every 10-30 seconds) the damn song started over. So not nearly enough people were exposed to the greatness!!! Life Lesson Learned!
  9. Metroid Zelda Mega man 2 Super Mario 3 Kirbys adventure
  10. I can't wait to hear the rest of it! Mainly the beginning. Good stuff
  11. Guilty as charged. I guess I was more intrigued as to why, then as to who. My bad Meph
  12. So I know people keep straying away from the original topic at hand but here's what I have to say after I've read everything you wrote Meph. Like I said before, I believe that you have missed the train by about 10-12 years. You weren't around when there was nothing else to play and/or at the time nothing else that looked better. You started playing games, a lot of games in the N64/Xbox era so its natural that everything before that looks like a piece of trash and you can't enjoy it at least the way I did. I'm guilty of the same thing. I can't play a "classic" atari or intellevision game for more than 5 min without going OMFG THIS IS HOORRRRIBLLEEE. That's because the first stuff I was ever exposed to were the AMAZING graphics, sound, gameplay and control of the Nintendo Entertainment System. So all in all I feel bad because we're reletavely close in age and I feel like you could have enjoyed a lot of the classic games if you grew up around it as much as I have. It's just sort of a technical generation gap if you will. If there is one thing I would suggest doing, is not play the classic games, I feel like it's too late for that. But being this is a VG music forum, at least try to listen to some of the classic soundtracks. I mean music is music is music right? I think we can all agree on that. You should open yourself up to some of the great video game soundtracks of the late 80's and 90's. Cause honestly this site would not be around if it weren't for the music from those eras.
  13. This thread wasn't about you bahamut, it was about the OP mephisto
  14. Guys and gals, everybody stop the discussion right here. His first console was N64 with limited games, even then he sold it for pc games. So his first real system that he got into was Xbox. Sorry Mephistio, like it was stated by Sould Sprint. Nothing beats Nostalgia. So while most of us here were really into games way back in the ATARI/NES SNES/SEGA days. You missed the train by about 10-12 years. That is probably why you don't like older games. /thread
  15. Aw mannnnnn. Cmon now, you own it hehe just play it already =p I don't want to guarantee anything but I would assume you would like it considering how much you liked chrono cross lol.
  16. Do you really mean chrono cross? Not chrono trigger? cause if you haven't played chrono trigger and your favorite game is chrono cross, oh man... ok moving on. Question 1: When did you start playing video games (what game and/or system) Question 2: What game did you first play and went "ok I really like video games" (im assuming it's going to be chrono cross) Question 3: Which of these following games have you beaten (or played a lot of because you enjoyed it). I'm just curious. These are a range of titles and genres from a range of systems and I guess I wanna get a feel of what you've actually played from the "classic" era. Ninja Gaiden Contra Zelda Megaman 1, 2 or 3 (4-6 too I guess...) Super Mario Bros 3 Super Mario World Donkey Kong Country 1 or 2 (3 is garbage) Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2 or 3 Toejam & Earl Super Metroid The Legend of Zelda Final Fantasy II or III (American) Earthworm Jim 1 or 2 Madden 94, 95 or 96 Chrono Trigger Resident Evil 1, 2 or 3 Castlevania Symphony of the Night Final Fantasy VII, VIII or IX Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1, 2 or 3 Metal Gear Solid Driver Mario 64 Starfox 64 Mario Kart 64 Ocarina of Time Goldeneye Question 4: Now which of these following games have you beaten (or played a lot of because you enjoyed it). These are a range of titles and genres from a range of systems from the "next gen" era Final Fantasy X or XII Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2 Okami God of War I or II Shadows of Collosus Silent Hill 1 or 2 Resident Evil 4 Grand Theft Auto 3, or 4 Fable Tony Hawks Underground Forza Motorsport 1 or 2 Halo 1, 2 or 3 Fallout 3 Mass Effect Bioshock Assassins Creed Gears of War 1 or 2 Resident Evil 5 Dead Space Little Big Planet Madden 8, 9 or 10 This sounds like a classic case of when, where and why you started playing games. I need to know the above questions before I can really talk with you on the subject.
  17. Aw man This game has some great music. Tim Follin is awesome. Even the man David Wise gives this guy props in the OC Remix Interview Here take a listen if you're not familiar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJO_EEwsB6g Stage 3 is one of my favorites http://songza.fm/~vxmcxv
  18. Bill Whelans a really good irish/celtic composer, he did the music for Riverdance. The first min of this song always gives me chills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVtK9lOEJuQ For a more peaceful calming sound there's always Enya
  19. Super Metroid > Shadow Complex just because of the lack of music. Still a great game though! Must Buy!
  20. 8BitBliss


    SPOILER! The Boat Sinks!!!
  21. MOARRRR!! I love it. I've always loved this song. Good stuff
  22. If you've ever played this game I dare you to listen to this song Stage theme 1 and not hear the UGH *gunfire*OHH AHH*gunfire* UHHH OHH AHHH *gunfire* *gunfire*OHH AHHH in the back of your head. Yes Yes and Yes! This is one of my favorite side scrolling games of all time! ...Bury me with my money
  23. NOTE: I just listened to your most recent update about 50 times in a row lol. I hope you don't take the constructive criticism the wrong way I just wanted to tell you what I thought. And in no way do I have any DJ or remix credentials so please take my criticism with a grain of salt. I just love video game music and trance =p those are my only credentials. Wow this is a tough one for me. I absolutely love sonic and I love trance so I'm super excited already about this remix You're opening is AMAZING I really like it a lot, seriously it's awesome! If a person was just listening to your song not knowing the title, they wouldn't know what song you were remixing until the chorus dropped so I feel like that is the most important part of the song so far. So with that being said I would go with a deeper tone for the chorus, the one you have right now is super high pitched and it's way too surprising when it starts playing. Also, I'm wondering what it would sound like if you dragged out the first 4 measures (I hope its the first 4 measures, if I'm wrong then I mean the first 15 notes of the chorus) a little longer, maybe 8-12 measures before you give them the next part of the chorus. I say this because you drop this really cool beat after the first 4 measures of the chorus. I feel like looping the first 4 measures of the chorus while you introduce the new background beat would help smooth out the song. I also have a question Are you planning on using the bridge in this remix? Anyways great stuff so far! I can't wait for the next update, great choice of song too!
  24. Um that's the point. Read the thread. It's about people that listen to pop songs that are trance influenced and they may not even know it. Now is that enough influence to enjoy trance related BGM for a video game.
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