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  1. Hello OCRemix community, I am an aspiring OCRemixer and would love to get myself involved in the realm of electronically producing music. Unfortunately, I tend to have a bad habit of confusing my aspirations with practicallity, so I thought it would be a great idea for me to sit down to hear from the live reality of other OCRemixers. Right now, I possess absolutely no knowledge of anything relevant to music production. Software skillset, terms, anything. Well, that's stretching it, but let's just say I don't know enough to hold a worth-while conversation about music production with anyone here. As unrealistic as this may sound, given the above, I honestly believe that the biggest wall for me is the technical skills and ground knowledge. With that in mind, I'm going to go right ahead and fire away some questions. All answers and contributions are appreciated. -What is the realistic time investment of learning the software, terminology, and theory behind music production, or perhaps simply music in general? I'm going to assume I missed a few key factors in my simple 3 point break down as well. -What is the realistic financial investment involved in producing great sounding music? I believe the right word I'm looking for is samples. -What comes first, learning arrangement or learning how to make samples sound good? Is it a person-dependent choice or an unspoken rule as to which comes first? -How vital is it to be able to identify what each and every note is in any given song? Is it reasonable to simply "trust how it sounds," given "enough" audio exposure? -Is music production a skill that can be self-taught with the right resources? -How often do beginners up and quit after attempting and failing at producing music? I really can't think of anything more I'd like to ask at this point. I'm sure that answers will lead to my further curiosity, so I'll leave this as a starting point. Thanks for your help OCRemix. -Igami
  2. Yes! Glad to see the mixer of my favorite song Day's End back in business. This is an absolutely awesome mix. Calm, confident, and sounds gorgeous.
  3. I'm not sure if it's legal for a song made by a single artist to comprise of over 100% awesomesauce.
  4. Very peaceful. Good mix! I lol'd at "abysmal original sound quality."
  5. So many memories, but not enough OCRemixes to assign them to! *nudge nudge*
  6. I can always find something to bounce to in any halc mix. Perhaps it's the 3:14 AM coma that's hampering my hearing, but the zappy kick from 0:14 to 0:35 is about the only thing that felt off, or sounded rather. The reincorporation at 2:06 is either a different kick altogether, or just doesn't bother me with all the other layers of ear candy on top of it. Me like. Clicky that download button.
  7. This mix has groove, spunk, and attitude. I love it when songs have feel. The song is repetitive, however, so that may pose as a detracting factor. It isn't for me, though.
  8. Somebody hold me, I think I'm about to die from an overdosage of AWESOMEEE. P.S. Get well soon OA.
  9. I actually thought I was listening to a ReMix of something from Final Fantasy IV until I took another look at the title. This is a pretty sweet song, regardless of whatever Roman numerals you slap on the end of it.
  10. Masterful. Excellency piled upon excellency. All I can really say is Jesus Christ man, don't stop!
  11. YES, SUPER MARIO GALAXY!!! Best Mario game in the world! Ok, enough with non-relevant opinions. REALLY glad that jmr did this ReMix right. Super Mario Galaxy has a very, VERY strong soundtrack. It's tough to make something as good as Super Mario Galaxy better, or even just as good. Gorgeous spacy feel, very relaxing and pleasant. Downloaded as soon as I saw Super Mario Galaxy. No regrets after the matter.
  12. I'd like to request a ReMix of the Paper Mario TTYD Battle Theme. It's a really great song, perhaps one of the best Mario battle themes ever. I just ran by this song on YouTube by chance and instantly thought that the ReMixers of OCR could really make a good one out of this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwA1lMIAmsY&NR=1 Thanks for reading.
  13. I like to choose between style differences. It's kind of awkward to explain, or maybe I'm making it harder than it should be, but let me try to make sense of myself. In terms of character customization, I look at all the available options as if they had no gender assignment. i.e. "Oh, this hair style looks the coolest (for whatever reasons) and it's available to the _____ gender." Same applies to outfits, eyes, and animations. There are lots of other factors as well, but talking about them is a waste of time. Basically, I choose whatever catches my eye and roll gender as my last priority. Geez, that was an easy 1 sentence summary.
  14. Very bouncy and active. For some reason the drumline kind of reminded me of Feel Good Inc. at the beginning...don't know why really *scratches head*. The "retro solo" (I guess you could call it that) near the end was some stellar stuff. Excellent job
  15. The bass is probably the most memorable part of this song, but collectively it rocks out hard. Good shtuffs.
  16. Hey everyone. I'll try to make the preface short and sweet. As a midterm project for an Art & Design course, I was given the assignment to find and collect a bunch of goodies that represent how I see the world. I decided to go video since my goodies are all digital and put this together for my project. To be slightly more specific, I decided to change "how I see the world" into "what inspires me to be a part of the world." "Day's End" was one of the very first remixes I heard when I came to this site and believed that it would be an epic incorporation for what I was after. I wanted to share this video with the community that gifted me with such a great song before I actually turn it in. Without further ado, the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqMMgpR5588&fmt=18 The progression I attempted with this video was a transition from "loss of/lacking purpose" to "accomplishment" and ending in "realization." Almost all of the readable subtitles are a part of the "storyline" in my video, so please keep it in heart when you see it! Hopefully this post wasn't too ridiculously long just to present a video. Always open to comments and feedback! Thanks for viewing, -Duo (Igami)
  17. This remix...FTW!! I love the quiet, environmental (right term? hell I don't know!) feel of the opening. It builds up nice and has a combination of serene and disturbed atmosphere. The lead sounds fantastic and I think the drums are really unique in this piece. They bounce in and out and give the track a nice push every once and again while maintaining a nice overall beat. The step down at 2:26 was a nice transition into the piano section. Very smooth. The piano section sounds very mysterious and beautiful. 3:23 to 3:48 HIGHLY reminds me of the Forest level theme in Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II, and I LOVE that it does. 3:52 and beyond is just absolutely gorgeous. It sounds much more powerful even though it didn't change horribly much from the "first half" of the song. Love the bouncy water effects and the growing drum beat. I like how the end is like a reverse of the beginning. This song almost feels like it's trying to record one's trek through an epic, mysterious forest. It sure feels like that to me. Lots of power without actually being loud and crudely crunchy...it's quite the opposite actually. Props to you sir!
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