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  1. Haha.. I saw this pic featured on Kotaku... wonder if all the hits to that pic (which links to this song) is gonna lead to a spike in OCR traffic?
  2. Hey there, I don't think there's really anything else that I can say in praise of this song that hasn't already been said. But I was wondering, I wonder what Yasunori Mitsuda would think of this song? Someone, send him this song!!!!!!!!!!!! -Rawnblade
  3. "London Drizzle" has long been a favorite of mine and I must say that this track does an even better job of soothing my mind after a tough week(although London Drizzle is excellent listening when it rains and you're on a bus or tram going around the city). . . Thank you mv for making my day I've looped it several times now and I can't seem to move on from it(that's a good thing. . .I'll have it on for a couple of hours at this rate). . .It has that nice little 'just chill' feel to it that I can't seem to describe accurately right now. . . granted, there are rare instances such as in the 1:40s or so that the synth and sax seem to clash rather than complement each other, but in any case, I think that's only 'cuz both of them are both trying to get your attention at the same time. . . Excellent work mv, and keep those mixes coming!!! -Rawnblade
  4. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! It's sooo good, it made me change my SN to 'STOMP THE SUMMER SKY!!!' just to get people curious. . .and when they asked, I shared the love (and the song ) -Rawnblade
  5. I've only reviewed only one other song (djp's "Lord Protektor" from Actraiser) and I felt that this song really grabbed my attention. . . The first time I heard the vocals sent chills down my spine and I really had to make sure "she" was saying the right words to the song. . .Absolutely spine-tingling, freaky, and soooo sad. . .and most importantly, verrrry well-done. . .I like this a LOT!!! Hmmm. . .maybe someone can do a Castlevania mix and with an Alucard monologue, aye? -Rawnblade
  6. Death and Dracula from Castlevania 1. . .how the heck did anyone finish that game on the NES?
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