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  1. As a person whose brain feeds on repetition I found this mix actually quite pleasant to listen to. The intro instantly transported me back to the amazing old days where this was the best sound you were gonna get from your games, and we loved it. Added bonus for making me feel all nostalgic about the old school days of OCR as well. Really took me back to the early 2000's and listening to OCR to survive my job/boss.
  2. Wow... Toe tapping by the 3rd note and jamming by 5 seconds in. Congrats! A new all time record! Combining a really clean sounding beat/piano mix this remix cant fail. The fact that its from 2001 also threw me for a major loop. Awesome job!
  3. My brain: "Why am I submitting myself to this?" My toe-tapping foot: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaw!" My foot and my brain will meet for a musical conference later this year. Until then I'll just keep listening to this song, and worse, inflicting it on others... ...joyfully.
  4. Epic job! Download now. One of my "tests" for a song being downloaded is if I end the song tapping my foot. I started this song tapping. Keep up the awesome work!
  5. I'll always remember the soundtrack to F-Zero for the 64 because it didn't seem to care about what other people thought. All the other racing games seemed to have to prove something to the people playing it for some reason, at least that was always my take on what I was listening to while racing. While playing F-Zero it felt like someone said, "Dern, we need some music for this game. How about a ton of rocking guitar?" The first thing this mix made me think about was my pals and me trying to race, eat pizza, and not get launched off the side of the track all at the same time. This mix brings
  6. Listening to the preview of the song, reading review comments on it, when suddenly I hit one of those moments that was, to say the least, epic. Sitting in my over-sized chair, eating breakfasty foods, its early October in Ca so its finally cooling down, windows open, cool breeze coming through the room, someone has there fireplace going so you get this great smoky smell that's not too powerful but just right for some reason, its 9:30 AM and I don't have anything better to do today than to play games and listen to music. For just one second everything was truly awesome. Also...YARRRR!!! Manly
  7. Every so often I'll replay BG&E and realize that I've COMPLETELY forgotten the entire game! Which is great because then its a new experience all over again (score one for a bad memory). One thing I always remember though is the soundtrack. The songs were well composed, and titled with a sense of humor. This song could EASILY fit in with the soundtrack for the game, and then some! Im making sure this ends up on my music list for all time. Thanks for a great listen!
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