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  1. Three hundred posts.

  2. You deserve a visitor message. Cortesy of a friend of yours.

  3. Come on, I saw a picture of you at "Pics of Yourself" and you're a sis. Hahahaha.

    I need to visit these forums more often. :)

  4. I saw your last post, it is about a month ago. :-(

  5. I am not participating of Megaman remix battle so I decide to pass here to tell you the track you did for the third round is amazing. That funky thing is completely fresh and dancing. You're the one who play the style.

  6. My angel, you make me laugh.

  7. You have a task to perform at the Caption Contest.

  8. Hi Vivi22, you deserve a visitor message.

  9. Can you tell me what it means this "itt" people post before the thread title?

  10. Hi Musiccat, I will overtake your postcount today. See you soon.

  11. Hi friend, you're fast. haahahaha

  12. I'm in need of some friendship at OCR, could you be my friend, I've already add you to my profile.

  13. Nice you add me as your friend. When those forums get a little empty I'll write you some messages, if you don't bother.

  14. Hello LuketheXjesse, I found your message in my profile.

    Do you wanna say something?

  15. I won in the Caption Contest thread. Wow!!! I didn't expected. You can post a picture for me there. Thanks!!!

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