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  1. If we're still looking for opinions, I'd be fine for alltalk votes. There are times when I want to do something strategic, and alltalk sort of ruins that as far as communication goes.
  2. cp_glacier updated too, to rc5. I remember it still being rc2 on the nominate list.
  3. +1. Oddly enough, it was fine for exactly one map when I first joined, then it all went to hell on the next map switch, and stayed for the rest of the night. (And I have a pretty good machine, too.) And yeah, when the plugin was active, each time the server changed maps my machine would note that it had downloaded some file, usually mapname_fix.bsp.bz2 or somesuch.
  4. Given 2Fort vs. Hydro, I'll take Hydro every time, fwiw. Although Hydro's not really much better...
  5. Massive WAT @ Atmuh's pics. Especially the Fastlane and Pipeline ones.
  6. One of the things I don't get about Black Mesa is why the cap times are inverted -- the middle is pretty quick, while the final points take forever. Although I remember hearing a rumor about how it was actually designed with 24/7 32-man servers in mind or somesuch, so that might explain it somewhat...
  7. Sweet, Aerospace. I used to enjoy Well, but no so much anymore. I'm not sure why, either -- it's not like the map changed or anything.
  8. Well, it seems that I missed quite a bit of drama here... I assume that most of us are less than fond of 2Fort, to put it lightly. Someone on the Steam forums has been working on a less shitty version, called ctf_2fort_revamp. FPSBanana link. I haven't played an actual match on it, but it shouldn't be able to turn into a turtlefest as easily, since the maker added an extra route to the basement from the base, to the intel room from the basement, and out of the base for once you get the intel.
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