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  1. LOVE <3<3<3 Carry on. EDIT: Wait, I'm apparently not friends with you yet. I must remedy this.
  2. Ooh, it sounds like something went down. What happened? </morbid curiosity> EDIT: I remember on Granary that someone with the name Gary was being accused of hacking. (Someone mentioned aimbotting specifically, but whatever.) I specced him for a bit and he was...a Spy (what), although he had the Ambassador, which would explain an aimbot. But he fired it too fast to allow for perfect accuracy, which are required for headshots to happen. And he never broke double digit points iirc. So...hax, or just idiotic players? (Not you guys, you're cool. In fact, I think it was some of the BGND people accusing him, but don't quote me on that.)
  3. So I don't know what happened, but a bunch of people who I didn't recognize managed to totally own us on Dustbowl. The Demo spam probably helped. (And I definitely walked into a sticky trap placed at our spawn exit at least once.) Then my internet decided to shit itself for the second time today and I said fuck it.
  4. I'm suddenly reminded of the time I thought [lions] was [loins]. That was...special. (Then again, it could have been for real, and my paranoia could just be manifesting now. That's what the voices tell me, anyway.)
  5. IIRC, waffle fire is caused by custom particles, which only appear in custom maps. (duh) So...keep track of which custom maps you play on and stop playing on the ones that cause problems? Only permanent solution I can think of.
  6. Not all of them, mind you. Some, like Rollout, looked kind of...eh. The one's I'm really interested in are HAARP, Vector, Animus, Panic, Premuda, Nightfall, and Slate. (In approximately that order.)
  7. That was suggested ages ago, lol. (Not in so many words, but yeah.) I'd be totally up for that. Been wanting to try HAARP and Vector for ages now.
  8. That's when you start saving for a new computer.
  9. You mean... Brushfire: "Can I leave early?" Brushfire's Boss: "Why?" Brushfire: "There's this new game that's coming out tonight, and..." Brushfire's Boss: "Sure, go ahead." ... Best boss ever.
  10. You may as well scratch me off the list for tonight. (lol it starts in 15 minutes anyway) I have that project to do, then staying up for L4D2 going live. I may be on later, but it definitely won't be for the scrims.
  11. Fixed that for you. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it tonight. I'm responsible for piecing together a group project that's due tomorrow. (Although I seem to have an uncanny knack for making time for TF2 anyway, but that's another matter.) EDIT: On an unrelated note, Server #2's been pretty empty apart from these weekly scrims. Do people just prefer the stock maps?
  12. That would explain a lot, actually. Like why these people whose names I had never seen in my life were somehow owning my ass. Does anyone think maybe informing some higher-up at nQa or something would have any results?
  13. Oh jeez. Were the NQA guys from last night the ones with Gun in their name by any chance?
  14. Is there a particular reason 2Fort and Hydro are right next to each other in the rotation? They're more or less universally hated and it seems like a surefire way to empty the server. (It actually did empty about halfway through Hydro, although I'm not sure it was because of the map or because everyone was fed up with teamstacking.) In other news, Borax updated to rc_2.
  15. I must have missed this. <3 On a totally unrelated note, I remember some interest a few pages back about playing on some of the contest entries from the latest TF2maps.net contest. I haven't had a chance to play on any of them, but I think it'd be worth seeing how some of them pan out. (HAARP, Vector, and Premuda in particular, but that's me.) Fancy page with download link.
  16. Want. So much want. Interesting. There seems to be a filter on allcaps.
  17. Honestly, I don't care about pregame mayhem, humiliation, or end-of-round slayings. I just want it to count my backstabs again.
  18. Maybe it's just me, but I can never hear the Spitter coming until after she's spat all over the floor. I'm thinking it's just me not being used to her sounds, but I've gotten to hear Jockeys and Chargers with consistency already, so...idk.
  19. I assume this part of the master plan to slowly phase out the old server?
  20. For some reason this line made me smile. I'm not sure why. I have nothing productive to contribute to the matter since I wasn't there to witness it.
  21. I'm not sure if we're being sarcastic or not anymore... The Sandman ban doesn't affect me because I never use it (although I still need that achievement), but I'd still prefer it allowed because my inner OCD goes whaarblgarbl at only one weapon being banned. Also because I honestly don't see what the big deal is with it anymore since it can't stun Ubers and -30 HP is huge.
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