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  1. If I can, I'll join, but this is the point where literally every class of mine has some sort of long term project due, so...yeah. I'll join if it's under control, but don't count on it. EDIT: And my backstab counter is apparently frozen at 260. It's been at that number for the past several days. (The irony in this is that I'm not normally a stat whore.)
  2. I make a point of not starting drama whenever possible, so I'm generally never the one calling for a scramble. Because it tend to come with drama. </captain obvious> If it comes to a vote, I'll generally pick yes FWIW.
  3. I'm not entirely sure the new stats are tracking backstabs correctly. No one's made any since Halloween?
  4. Point. I'm just saying the Blutsauger has its place with a Medic that has reason to worry about defending himself. Speaking of which, I don't think I've mentioned it before, but it's really nice having teammates who recognize the value of protecting their Medic. Not just in Monday's scrims, but in general. Even though I tend to run off at inopportune moments and die for no adequate reason...
  5. The Blutsauger's good if you can't count on your team to protect you and need to fight your way out of scrapes often.
  6. You could probably argue that every CTF map ever is a reskinned 2Fort, lol. Even though I only ever saw one Engineer when we were there, I can't see Aerospace being easy to lock down with sentry farms out the wazoo. There are at least 3 distinct paths through the middle, for starters, and the bases are sufficiently mazelike where I don't think there's any one chokepoint that everyone has to go through. Besides, if I can get up to the roof as a Demoman and plant stickies around a Sentry that's covering the intel, anyone can.
  7. Ah. Knowing how many people here seem to like their FPS, I guess that's grounds for removal. (I guess this is a hazard of having a fairly high-end computer. You don't realize how hard your favorite maps impact other people. ._.) We RTV'd Aerospace...I guess a week ago or so. It was pretty fun, although it never got past 5v5. Plenty of ways to get around, so I can see it being quite hard, if not impossible, to lock it down with a single sentry like lol2fort. You can bombard the intel room from the roof, for crying out loud. (This is a good thing, imo.)
  8. Meridian has custom particles? o_O Damn. I liked it, too... What's wrong with Aerospace and Cashworks?
  9. CHILI! *glomp* Er... I'll freely admit I have low standards, but from that list I like Harvest, Waste (CP/PL), Aerospace, Glacier, Furnace, Swiftwater, Frontier, Follower, Meridian, Cranetop, and Cashworks. I also want to try out Industrial, Borax, Halfacre, and Lighthouse, mostly because I've heard good things about them. (Speaking of which, Lighthouse was originally an Arena map, but I only see the KOTH version there.) Seconding the notion that we try out the contest entries for the latest TF2maps.net contest.
  10. I'd be game for repeated showings, although various projects and finals mean that I may/may not be able to make them regularly.
  11. And me. [citation needed], you say? Also, someone may want to take a look at the stats. I mean...it says I got a headshot with the Knife, for crying out loud.
  12. I actually forgot, lol. I'm still game. How is this going to work, btw? I don't exactly have Ventrilo or anything like that...
  13. Doesn't that happen to all new maps after an update? Give it a week. Or the weekend, if it's the Halloween version in particular you're annoyed with.
  14. I'm sure someone mentioned it somewhere, but what are the IPs for the new servers? Also atmuh, that is a sexy display that looks nothing like what's in TF2. Skin, third party program, what?
  15. Thirded. Also Fireslash, you need to a) be wearing the hat, and it needs to be on Harvest. So if you're feeling mean, you can always just take it off when we're on the map together. Then I'll just find some n00b 24/7 Harvest server and dominate someone there.
  16. The demo was fantastic and my friends and I had a blast with it. Going back to L4D afterward, it seemed so...bland. Interestingly enough, both times we played through, we found a Hunter inside the final safe room. Once, he was paired with a Spitter.
  17. Options: 1. What Atmuh said and reserve one for OCR events. 2. Have one be what it is now and the other more srs business with nocrit etc. 3. One stock rotation, one custom rotation. I'm sure I'm forgetting some possibilities here. Also, I did some poking around and found this, which may help alleviate teamstacking drama. Yay/Nay/Burn in hell PD?
  18. Don't delay it on my account, please. Besides, this week is shaping up to be fairly light as far as my workload is concerned, so any day should be fine.
  19. 7-11 EST = 6-10 CST...so that works for me. As long as I have a day or two of notice so I can work around any projects I may have due. In other news, cp_waste got the same changes applied to it as the payload version, if anyone's interested.
  20. Well, duh. This is why I do the same thing when trying to keep the exit sapped. In other news, the Spy disguise skin from the other page is totally spiffers, but it sort of breaks the Dead Ringer. Specifically, it makes the fake ragdolls look like this. So yeah...
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