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  1. *adds A Random Tiger and Powerlord to list of Engineers who have wised up to this*
  2. I'm sure the Engineers here can appreciate this one: Also, good rounds just now. Had my strings of win and fail, which is better than total failure.
  3. I think it's because of this: Atmuh: lolbattlemedicsux Battle Medic: *kills Atmuh* Battle Medic: You were saying?
  4. I think he's referring to the influx of Pyros that came with the class update, along with the reduced falloff that let them do more damage at the edge of their range. (EDIT: You probably realized this already and I'm just making a fool of myself. Oh well.) Now, I wouldn't mind fewer Pyros, but I have my own reasons for that.
  5. I find it funny that my two most played classes are rock bottom there.
  6. IIRC, it considers a successful sweep by BLU or a successful defense by RED to be a round. My 100%, infallible source* is the entity in control of game logic, which has an option to "switch teams on round end." At least, that's what I think it says. *Subject to slight** exaggeration. **Severe EDIT: While I'm thinking about it, is the new database thing going to replace the old hlStatsX one? Or is it just something thrown together for funsies?
  7. I only wasn't sure because I had a massive term paper to write that was basically eating up all of my time. But that'll be over with come Monday. After that, I'd be willing (although nervous) to join.
  8. I just got another achievement idea that has approximately zero chance of being implemented: And that skin is WANT.
  9. Oh yes. Many a backstab I've missed when trying to kill a Sandvich Heavy. Nowadays I just headshot them instead of taking the risk.
  10. I can't tell what it's trying to show. That the thirdperson crosshair doesn't point at where you're actually aiming? That the Soldier's hitboxes go bonkers for a few frames when he jumps? That the hitboxes freeze when he taunts? That projectile hitboxes are different from hitscan ones? That he can't believe it's not butter?
  11. In theory, if you pop a Kritz before they get full Uber, you can wipe out their Medic pretty much instantly. +25% charge speed will do that. I know it's possible to get a full Kritzkrieg before you get to mid on Badlands, at least. Also, massive steamrolls are massive. Didn't help that I was totally off my game, either. >_<
  12. I want to object to removing Dustbowl from the rotation on the basis that it's one of those maps that's on every rotation ever, but yeah. When it's a steamroll, it's a STEAMROLL. Good fun if the teams are balanced, though. (I still prefer Gold Rush because it's easier to spam the Dead Ringer there. )
  13. Well yes, I knew that people swapped out classes as needed, but my preferred class isn't exactly used much. Best I'd be able to do would be Medic. I'll think on it, but don't count on me for now. Especially with a term paper breathing down my back. When would it be, so I have some kind of deadline to force my decision process along?
  14. Clarification pl0x? Are we talking just srs business matches for a change or 6v6 2scoot2solly1demo1medic format?
  15. Like I said, shitty pseudocode. I'm sure it's possible for the game to follow a logic train of [soldier on ground->rocket kills Spy->Soldier is now rocket jumping], though. Unless you mean something else, in which case idklolaskmybffjill.
  16. Well, Pilot Light (for example) involves rocket jumping enemies. So the game is definitely capable of tracking it. if(Spy.killedBy(rocket)) if(Soldier.isRocketJumping()) awardAchievement() </shitty pseudocode>
  17. And a bit of patience, too. I got a nice chainstab on Badwater's cart the other day by waiting in the corner, cloaked. And I wasn't using the C&D. But I got both Medics.
  18. It makes for nice puns, but my name has nothing to do with my class. Paranoid is from my favorite boss in Castlevania:DoS, Paranoia, and Drone actually has something to do with my real name, which I'm not going to divulge. (I Spy more than anything else by a large margin, btw.)
  19. My god, that would be embarrassing. Actually, I'm slightly embarrassed whenever I get backstabbed at all, no matter what class I am. Although I haven't gone Pyro lately...hmm...
  20. I think I love you. Even though I don't use the Dead Ringer much outside of Pipeline. (Damn image limit...) Miracle: Dominate Miyako, or whatever his name is today. Right Behind You: Backstab someone 30 seconds after they use the "Spy!" voice command. Irony: Dominate <member> as a <class he/she is known for>. I'm Still Not On Your Side: Get Ubered by an enemy Medic. Oops, I Did It Again: Dominate someone twice in the same round. Backstab THIS: Interrupt a backstab chain with the Razorback. Merde...: As a Spy, die to 5 different people without scoring any points in between. At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass, in the event that an achievement involves me, I'd prefer it to be Spy related. For obvious reasons.
  21. Since the Control Point prop isn't rendered from beneath, they could probably have some success hiding somewhere high up. Then there's the obvious -- hide with the real control point.
  22. I'll only go hardcore Battle Medic when it's obvious the whole server is just dicking around. (Or if we're on 2Fort/Turbine, I guess. I hate those maps.) I hope you don't have a problem with a Medic trying to defend himself if it comes to that.
  23. Ah. Also, my definition of drama is pretty much any debate, so nothing personal or anything like that.
  24. Skipping over all this drama, tyvm. Apparently the server decided to shit itself a few minutes ago. We had just swapped teams on Gold Rush if it matters.
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