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  1. You know, I doubt anyone would have cared if you did a /slay Gamemaster in an attempt at negative reinforcement.
  2. Remind me to read that Extra Credits thing later, it sounds interesting. (Also one of the guys who does it is a teacher at my school, which totally threw me for a loop when I found out.) On a different note, I was shown this article/blog/whatever using a LOTR analogy to explain why so many people hate the ending, which I found to be a good read.
  3. Good lord is this thread dead? Sort of kind of TF2 related: Even webcomics have started making fun of the Enforcer.
  4. Pretty much this. I don't have any inherent problem with the choices you're given, but they come out of fucking nowhere. And the lack of any sort of epilogue or explanation of what happens to galactic society as a result of your decision leaves the whole thing feeling unfinished.
  5. I don't think I've ever touched Insanity. I've done Tali's recruitment in ME2 on Hardcore for the Geth Pulse Rifle, but otherwise I stick to Veteran. I have better things to do. I finally unlocked the Asari Adept in the ME3 demo and holy fuck Stasis is broken. Granted only 2 Cerberus enemies actually use Armor, and one of them (Turrets) is stationary anyway. But it completely trivializes Phantoms. And if you max out force, Throw can stagger an Atlas.
  6. They refer to forces for controller devices that support haptic feedback or somesuch.
  7. Speaking of Shockwave, I'm kind of underwhelmed by it. If nothing else, the range was cut dramatically from ME2, and this is after maxing it out and evolving its radius and range. It does sound very nice though. And detonating biotic effects is a plus.
  8. Sometimes I'm glad I don't care terribly much about spoilers since it means I don't have to worry about any of this, plus I love the speculation phase that inevitably follows a leak. (Well, minus the legion of "RUINED FOREVER" posts.) Then again it's been ages since I've played through a game without at least a vague idea of upcoming plot twists. Bit of a double-edged sword.
  9. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is/has been/will be scrambling to complete some form of an "ultimate" run through of ME1/ME2 for importing to ME3. But have the new dodge controls, unlimited and easier-to-steer running, and weight-based cooldowns spoiled anyone else? ME3: 1.5 second Singularity cooldown, yes please. ME2: WHY YOU TAKE SO LONG TO RECHARGE? ME1: Too different to be worth commenting on. Although biotics in general were broken as hell. Also does anyone else have issues with Shockwave not always working properly? I swear about a third of the time it will just pass harmlessly through the target. Biotic effects won't detonate, guardians won't stagger, etc. I suspect it's related to lag or other network issues, but I can't be sure.
  10. How did they update Dustbowl? EDIT: "Adjusted Blue team's func_respawnroom in stage 1 to be flush against the door." Sounds like it's a fix for building a Sentry in that one spot during setup.
  11. Bind the command to your scroll wheel and laugh. Re: weak guns, I had a similar issue with the Viper rifle. It was weak enough that it wasn't killing the basic mooks on a headshot. Switched back to the Mantis soon after. (On a related note, Tactical Cloak + Mantis can kill pretty much anything on a headshot. Can't wait until I get the Widow.) My other preferred classes (Adept and Engineer) don't care about guns as much so it's not as big a deal. Re: DLC it turns out I'm getting it as part of the digital deluxe edition. (Don't judge me! I just decided to treat myself. Also robodog in the Normandy.) I agree it's kind of a dick move to charge for day 1 DLC though, especially given the apparent plot significance.
  12. Finally got around to playing the demo, just singleplayer so far. (Username: ParanoidDrone. It's good having an unusual name so no one can steal it.) Some of the ways you can upgrade your powers are downright sexy. Am I the only one who spent a good 15 minutes at the start of the second demo mission examining all the possible power evolutions? I also kept trying to use spacebar to bring up my list of powers. That didn't end well. And now that it's been made clear that carting around half an armory with you neuters your recharge times, I'm officially going to pack light in the game proper and go for a rapidfire powers build.
  13. That's true, but critical hits still do a lot of damage through the DR. I know I've died to Backburners before while holding it out. Especially if you're covered in Jarate (and thus visible) and everyone and their mother is blowing hot lead at you. It's not perfect, but it's better than being nullified entirely. Edit: A crocket does what, 270 damage? That's 27 through the DR, over 20% of the Spy's max HP. </numbers_and_math>
  14. Double post for the bump because I want people's opinions on this. What do you think of these proposed Enforcer stats? +20% damage Cannot see enemy HP. All incoming minicrits become full crits. This isn't my idea, but I really like it. The net result would be a Spy that's capable of holding his own in a fight, but at the expense of valuable tactical knowledge. In addition, turning incoming minicrits into full crits creates clear counters to this particular breed of Spy, namely Jarate and the Buff Banner, neither of which are exactly uncommon.
  15. Thanks for that picture, since I refuse to pay $100 just to see what it looks like ingame.
  16. Yeah, they worded it kind of badly, but it works how I described.
  17. For the record, the last line in the update notes is ROT-13 for "Updated the localization files." The Sandvich nerf simply prevents a Heavy from dropping it for a quick 150 HP at a moment's notice for an effective 450 HP. Other players can still pick it up for health, but if you try to pick up your own it'll just get returned to you. You need to eat it properly with M1 if you want to heal yourself. The promo item is a rather spiffy looking Knife reskin for the Spy called the Black Rose that I refuse to care about unless it has unique stats, while the Snapped Pupil is a picture of the Demoman's eye taped over his eyepatch. Something Special for Someone Special is a $100 ring that you can gift to someone else, who can then accept or reject the accompanying proposal. If they accept, it gets broadcasted to the entire TF2 playerbase, similar to the golden wrenches. </infodump>
  18. Did I beat Powerlord to the punch announcing a TF2 update?
  19. lolwut? Probably means "Updated localization files" in German or something.
  20. Yeah, on Coldfront there's still glass, but it's only just high enough so you can't walk onto the point. (You can still jump over it no problem, so IDK what the point is.) Never saw it become an issue though. There's also a pair of glass walls the attackers can use for cover that I don't remember being there on Coldfront, but my memory's a bit hazy.
  21. ParanoidDrone Leveled Up! ParanoidDrone's Ego increased by 1! I rarely bother taunting for the killcam. For one, it leaves you perfectly stationary and I'd wager that I know the dangers of that better than most. I'll make an exception for people who act like they're tough shit or otherwise get on my last nerve (ragepyros, "lol noob spy" after my nth backstab, etc.) but that's pretty rare. I'll never understand a) why Necro taunts for me all the time and gets away with it too. (Actually I think the answer to B is because I'm hardly ever with my own team as a Spy.) Also Chili you need a new way to turn "warm and fuzzy" into something disturbing. Swallowing kittens is so passe.
  22. Read: Valve servers. I'm probably being unfair but it's been a while since I've had a quality game on one.
  23. If you're competent I don't have a problem. But given the state of pubs these days...
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