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  1. I saw a minisentry take 2 charged shots and several regular shots before blowing up. Quite amusing. Ye gods. Lose the extra shot and the afterburn on charged shots (seriously, why is that even there?) and come up with a more creative downside than nocrit. (Inability to rocket jump would be hilarious, dunno if it's going too far though.) Also the projectiles for the damn thing have somewhere in the neighborhood of 4k polygons. (For reference, the Pyro has around 4.5 k when rendered at maximum detail.) That's on top of the giant particle effects flying everywhere. YAY OPTIMIZATION!
  2. Do all shots from the laser launcher disable Sentries or just the charged shot? I've heard both. I've also heard that the regular shots do like 1/8 of a Level 1's HP each to buildings, so idk.
  3. Also the charged shot does over 100 damage and ignites the target. It does. From what I hear there's enough energy for 5 shots before it empties, while a charged shot takes up the whole meter.
  4. Jesus christ is it already the 18th? Time's been flying for me lately. </offtopic> EDIT: Prepare the tinfoil hats. Again.
  5. "Custom Blueprint," eh? Wonder what that's for.
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the reason all the dispensers had ERROR signs flashing around them was due to a pony model my client didn't download due to my settings saying not to download anything, and that the conspicuous lack of any music near said dispensers was the result of the same. Y/N? (Also, Brushfire traded me a Strange Knife. Yay!)
  7. kajfkldjfalsd;jfkaskdlfa;js Back to saving up metal, then.
  8. Would you take a Blighted Beak for that?
  9. Thank you. So the proper order of events would be to change the ban to IP-based, then /kick the player?
  10. Oh ffs AGAIN? Do I need to /ban @all or something?
  11. Um, if I'm getting myself a nice girl, I'm not sure I want her to be described as "Vintage." I mean, really. *ducks*
  12. Seconded, although I have little to trade in return except for some assorted metal and a Blighted Beak.
  13. 1. Thank FireSlash 2. Get amazing ping in return. 3. ??? 4. PROFIT! Did I miss any steps?
  14. Awesome. In unrelated news, new blog post. Behind the scenes of Meet the Medic.
  15. I just noticed that you're already dead in the screenshot, so perhaps the demo would be better than the replay if I can figure out how to play them in third person. Edit:
  16. A replay would be fabulous, although I have no idea what directory it would go in once I get it. Also is that trollface for every Spy mask or just Pyro?
  17. I was looking at Kagami's directory to find a demo from Lakeside last night where Frogg got me with a tauntkill, but the latest demo is from May 13. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing Kagami at all lately, and May 13 is shortly after the Replay update went live. That would make sense.
  18. It amuses me how "Updated the localization files" appears so often in TF2 updates.
  19. oic I still know my password, but I don't know how to ban someone from the website yet. Something to research.
  20. <confusion> What do players who change their names to escape bans have to do with changing admin passwords on SourceBans? </confusion>
  21. Completely changing the subject, I was shown this comic recently, which I feel is a perfectly accurate descriptor of the average pubber quality these days.
  22. Your wording made it sound like you expected them to push them out along with the Steam sale or somesuch.
  23. Which of course happened over a period of time where the only computer I had access to couldn't run TF2 beyond 10 FPS, so I missed out on the whole thing. </bitter> There are already starter weapon packs in the Mann Co. store btw. 2-3 weapons and a hat for each class.
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