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    I'm nothing more than an observer. I have very little musical talent, so generally I'll just come on and throw down some comments on the remixes as they go up.
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  1. Very good remix. Incredible stuff right here,
  2. The metronome clicking reminds me of Panel De Pon. Love this mix so much.
  3. I've never played Deus Ex, nor have I heard this song, but I really like it! I'll be throwing it into my OCR playlist immediately!
  4. This is definitely my all time favorite track on this site. I never get tired of listening to this one.
  5. What seems to be part of a trend on OC remix, is the FFVII metal genre. Amazing work here! As with all the remixes I try out, I usually blast at a high volume, this track was no mistake to continue my tradition.
  6. I checked this remix out, completely forgetting which track J.E.N.O.V.A was. The first five seconds were a familiar: "oh hey, I always loved this track", then the guitars hit and my jaw hit the floor. One of the best remixes I've seen on this site in a long time.
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