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  1. Okay, fine! Any of you want to know the horrible truth? I registered here when I was 9 years old, I kept asking for release dates out of some strange form of auditory avarice, and I don't fit in anywhere on the internet! Dozens of you kept pushing, and now you all know! This'll be the last time I ever log onto this account, and you can all just carry on like none of what I said happened!

  2. What does it matter to you whether I'm self-censored?

    As a matter of fact, what's with the conformist attitude on the forums anyway?

  3. How does a "normal" person post?

  4. Do you have any idea how complete the Traveling Troupe rendition of Din's Dance is? I thought I'd ask you because you had the most instruments available for it.

  5. Happy 22nd birthday, Hylian Lemon! And congratulations on making it 23 for 26 on the penultimate deadline! My only regret is that the big name Oracle arc ReMixers like you, Sockpuppet, chickenwarlord, and The Krow haven't got much exposure on O-Clocked in general! That Cryomentus track is going to be a great one, probably even better than Eyes in the Deep!

  6. Say, for example, that someone designed a game that included a labyrinth within a dimly-lit factory that manufactures industrial chemicals, and the main mechanic was a series of on/off switches that would either put the machinery into full swing (ex. conveyor belts you couldn't run against, and must find an alternate route) or defuse all your explosives if you tried to plant them (thus preventing you from breaking cracked objects and walls)... and used Blast Beatdown as the BGM. How would you react?

  7. It's in the "To be judged" queue under the "Judges' Decisions" thread. I think there are three Ocarina of Time singles that have passed the panel already: "Brevity is... Wit", "I Can't Go On (I'll Goron)", and "My Old Kakariko Home". I thought the next Ocarina of Time ReMixes to be judged might've been off the Ocarina of Time album. I can hardly tell because the individual track progress post under the Ocarina project is a month out of date.

  8. Is "The Organ Grinder" a Shadow Temple ReMix for the Ocarina of Time project, by any chance?

  9. For me to consider the Wii's library fully developed, it took about 17 or 18 games and 5 years. Two of those 17-some-odd games were Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. I'll probably wait until it has 10 games worth buying, or until Smash 4 gets released, or until the price underpasses $225, or until most of the hardware problems subside, whichever comes third.

  10. I'm expecting it'll take a LONG time for the Wii U to develop a healthy software library. Most likely, it'll first be worth buying in circa 2015, around the time of Super Smash Bros. 4.

  11. Those Christmas ornaments look like half-eaten pears!

  12. Judging by the fact that the Lime of the Season boards still has the summer skin, I conclude the scheduling for the last 2 deadlines is still under deliberation. If I have any suffrage in the matter, I vote for avoiding the month of December entirely.

  13. How come you're not credited on your main ReMixer page for ARMed and DANGerous: Gunning the Metal Knight and Maverick Rising: Sigma Opus?

  14. First, I gave the Back in Blue Magma Man ReMix "Cool Burn" a few more listens for old times' sake. Then, I noticed it's now been a year since you've worked on an O-Clocked Album as a ReMixer. Now the impression I'm getting from that track is a most solemn romantic passion. Like much has been lost, and nothing remains but the smoldering ruins of a flattened romantic retreat.

  15. I just remembered it was 13 days to the Show Me deadline. Has everyone secured themselves for it? Or is anyone still at risk for being shown the door?

  16. Just to confirm, Double the Trouble WILL be released before January 1, 2013, right?

  17. O-Clocked is approaching 2,500 ReMixes. Any special intentions for it? Don't tell me what the plans are, just say IF you have said plans.

  18. Do you have a flood of Majora's Mask remixes scheduled for December 18? Because it'll be 3 days before the Mayan Calendar ends!

  19. How much time do we have left before video games "screech their tires and slam into the wall"?

  20. Oh, and by the way, did you ever bother to submit Bipolar Bird, Ricochet, Cart Track Switchback, Magical Paperweights, Ripples of Time, Dead or Alive, or Endless Eclipse to the panel?

  21. To be answered in the week following your June 30 (Half Year's Eve) return:

    1) Is the final verdict in on whether Lime of the Season will be an official O-Clocked album?

    2) Based on current WIPs and WAVs, do any Lime of the Season tracks seem like they'll be darker and/or more intense than Essence of Lime's Skull Dungeon ReMix?

  22. You really hate Super Smash Bros Brawl that much?

  23. Now that Beneath the Moonlight is most likely finished, how many tracks have yet to be finalized? I don't have track of Double the Trouble as well as I thought.

  24. Do the words "The Hidden Duality", "Isle of the Winds", and "Fragments of Power" mean anything to you?

  25. Keep Your Nightmares and Priority Nemesis have similarities that strike me square in the face. Not that it's a bad thing; Keep Your Nightmares was one of your best tracks.