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  1. Okay, fine! Any of you want to know the horrible truth? I registered here when I was 9 years old, I kept asking for release dates out of some strange form of auditory avarice, and I don't fit in anywhere on the internet! Dozens of you kept pushing, and now you all know! This'll be the last time I ever log onto this account, and you can all just carry on like none of what I said happened!

  2. What does it matter to you whether I'm self-censored?

    As a matter of fact, what's with the conformist attitude on the forums anyway?

  3. How does a "normal" person post?

  4. ...present the new software that they promised (Mario Kart 8, 3D Super Mario Part 5, Smash 4), and nothing they say is just some ruse that's just gonna fall through, I don't give a (censored) how they present the new information if I'm still going to hear about it. Their Nintendo Direct system is an ingen_ous way of telling us about new software and trailers without having to wait for those annual events. They keep us anticipating what's to come, and show us that they're not in a software drought. All I need is some ample information on the 3 aforementioned games and a few good surprises, and I don't care what style of presentation they use. (I usually read about it a few hours after the fact)
  5. A Link to the Past 2* looks to be fusing the magic meter with the stamina meter. While I wish they'd bring back the magic meter from A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and The Wind Waker, at least it's a start. My excitement for it will rise if they prove that it'll be at least as difficult as the original A Link to the Past. It would be great if it were Oracle of Ages/Seasons difficult, but that's a longshot. I was too young to have ever played EarthBound, but I'll be sure to download it when I finally get a Wii U in 2016. Magicant and Snowman for Smash 4! *I call it "Agahnim's Paper Trail" for now because of the Paper Mario 2D/3D elements. To Mirby: I agree! And they should fix the MYRIAD problems that Dark Dawn had! Dark Dawn's battle system was a total pushover, all the music was mediocre, and those ancient civilizations mentioned in the Ei-Jei region (Exathi, Neox, Fori, etc.) were all extraneous! But I'd agree with you that one of the bigger problems was too many loose ends in the plot!
  6. To everyone who has forgiven me, I thank you. I thought my offence was more severe than it was. In return, I have sworn not to even speak about unreleased projects on OverClocked from tomorrow forward, and I promise I won't swipe songs before a project under OverClocked's jurisdiction ever releases again. I've learned my lesson today through hours of reflection and remorse, and a fear of punishment beyond OverClocked's boundaries. You won't hear another word out of my mouth about Lime of the Season from the time I make this post until the project releases. I'm sticking to already-released material from now on. My account won't get much more use than before, but if how most people react to me is any indication, that's probably for the better.
  7. YOU posted the "Before summer" news? I completely missed that! What was I supposed to do? Deny my Peeping Tom escapade on Tindeck? It would be my word against yours, and we all know O-Clocked thinks even worse of me than anyone in Grimmauld Place thinks of Mundungus Fletcher!
  8. No. I didn't think everybody had heard about Eiji Aonuma's "before summer" intentions. Is there any chance the news is OLD'D? What'll you try to do? Tell it to the admin and ban me? Of all the places I've been online, my account at O-Clocked is one of those I value the least, so what's it to anyone if DarkeSword DOES throw the book at me? If it isn't implied by now, I enter a Guilty plea, even if it means I'll be permabanned.
  9. Bumping this topic to announce that Eiji Aonuma has announced that Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are now on the Virtual Console in Japan. Beyond that, Aonuma has announced they intend to release the Oracle arc outside of Japan "before summer", presumably within the next 3 1/2 months! http://www.screwattack.com/news/3ds-version-oracle-ages-and-seasons-be-released-summer-outside-japan http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/zelda-oracle-of-ages-and-seasons-releasing-on-3ds-virtual-console-before-summer/ Also, the Final WAV due date is in 2 days!
  10. If this were ever to be used in an RPG, there'd have to be a dozen or so superbosses, and only the most deadly one would be worthy of this as his battle theme.
  11. I'd agree. OCR02226, Nullification, was better. I don't think So Easy can get past the panel nearly as easily.
  12. I happen to notice that a lot of albums have motifs with their genres. Hedgehog Heaven was techno, The Dark Side of Phobos was industrial metal, Sonata of the Damned and The Robot Museum were both a subset of jazz, Threshold of a Dream was chill, relaxed, and low-volume, Bad**s was high-energy and metallic, Random Encounter was, IIRC, progressive rock, and Milky Way Wishes is chiptunes. Perhaps the most impressive feat was the "Oracles-and-Limes" crowd who put out one (beep) of a show with their chiptuning skills! Alas, as great as The Best 2 Minutes 14 Seconds of Your Life" was while it lasted, I've heard a little bit of ProtoDome's ReMix of GuruGuru's Windmill, and it's bound to easily outdo the Peanut Plains ReMix later this year! Do any of you think it was sheer coincidence that so many Essence of Lime veterans flocked to Milky Way Wishes? If chiptune was the goal from the beginning, then I think you got just the right ReMixers. As I might've said before, Essence of Lime was my favorite Unofficial O-Clocked album!
  13. I didn't think very many people here would remember me. I probably wouldn't eat that cake, for fear of being seen as endorsing the Grand Theft Auto series. Anyways, I hope that some day soon, the Wii U can turn out more quality product than just New Super Mario Bros. U, starting with Pikmin 3 in June. But mostly, since Episode 1701 of South Park got delayed to the end of September, my most anticipated events of the next 4 months are E3 and the first look at Season 4 of Super Smash Bros.
  14. Do you have any idea how complete the Traveling Troupe rendition of Din's Dance is? I thought I'd ask you because you had the most instruments available for it.

  15. Nintendo has assured us the games are coming. Selling in the mid quintuple digits in one month is going to leave a mark on Nintendo no doubt, but it's nowhere near a mortal blow. It's the first winter since the new console launched. The first few months hasn't been good for any major game system since at least 2002, when the GCN had Melee, Pikmin 1, and Luigi's Mansion. Even then, one could argue Melee was rushed, and Pikmin 1 and Luigi's Mansion were stubby short on hours, thus very far from the best the GCN had to offer. It's up to interpretation whether the GCN's launch-window lineup was good either. Given how many new games Nintendo has mentioned are not too far off, I shouldn't take the doomsayers' forecasts to heart. Even the great XBOX360 launched between November 2005 and January 2006, and it took until circa January 2008 for it to have enough good games to be worth a buy. The PlayStation 3 launched in March 2007, and it took until November 2009 to be worth it. The Wii had some fad elements at its launch in about December 2006, and I regret buying one... any sooner than May 2008. In this New Millennium, consoles have to start from the bottom and work their way to the top. As a matter of fact, I don't consider the GCN, Wii, PS2, PS3, XBOX, or XBOX360 a flop by any stretch by the time their life cycles end(ed). But if there were ever days of flying-color system launches, they're long gone.
  16. I've been hotly anticipating the Castle of Despair track from Lime of the Season! Congratulations on 22 years old!
  17. I've waited a long time for this! Sentient Machines was my favorite track on Random Encounter!
  18. First, Capcom started charging premium fees for on-disc Downloadable Content, then Sony filed a patent for a device that cuts off used games, now Nintendo's selling Europe a damaged product! What has the video game industry come to, where they can just try and rip us off every chance they get?
  19. I personally would've named it "Putrid Odored Operatic Powerhouse", but it should be a great take on Conker's iconic antagonist just the same.
  20. I think this would be perfect for a forest labyrinth that's foreboding and scary enough during the day (or in the lighter dimension), then during the night (or in the darker dimension), the forest starts glowing purple like a black light, the atmosphere turns toxic, the trees turn leary (leery?) and evil, alien wildlife invade (or exist as an alternative to the less formidable wildlife of the light world), and in general the forest under the cover of darkness becomes too frightening and dangerous for anyone but the player characters to set foot into. For the "light" iteration of the forest, Epic Bananas would be the background music. For the "dark" doppelganger, Low Life would play.
  21. I might like East Meets Western better, but this still sounds like something to relax to on a mountainside in the summer after a LONG mission!
  22. Happy 22nd birthday, Hylian Lemon! And congratulations on making it 23 for 26 on the penultimate deadline! My only regret is that the big name Oracle arc ReMixers like you, Sockpuppet, chickenwarlord, and The Krow haven't got much exposure on O-Clocked in general! That Cryomentus track is going to be a great one, probably even better than Eyes in the Deep!

  23. Knowing your history with trance, it was only a matter of time before you starting testing the water with Dubstep. Looks to me like Prototype Raptor has some competition. (I'm referring to OCR02226)
  24. Saaay... 2 1/2 years ago was right in the middle of 2010, the same time as the release of Keep Your Nightmares (later posted as an Essence of Lime single in May 2011 as OCR02243). Similar to Unstoppable and Arichnophobia, I daresay you ReMix everything in pairs.
  25. Between my previous post and the time you re-posted the link, I'd already taken the survey.
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