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  1. Here, this is an early demo (low bit-rate), that I started working on some time ago (picked it back up for you) let me know if you like it or if you want anything changed or added. If you like it as it is, let me know and I will upload a higher bitrate. http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/13/2601744/radical_dreamers.mp3
  2. I have 1 post! Yay! Rejoice! Well now, I have always come about this site religiously, and just last night I composed my first OCR (up until now I've been to afraid too). I've spent the last 16 hours on it, and I think it's time for me to take a well-deserved nap. Anyhow, before I crash, thought I would upload my OCR for listening before submitting it to the site. Now I am a n00b here, and I have come asking for opinions and some answers too. I understand how things are, and I'm asking for **CONSTRUCTIVE** criticism, nothing more or less, if you feel like trolling or flaming, I will report you to a moderator for spamming (just a forewarning, not trying to sound like an ass). Things I need to know... * What Tag System should I use when tagging the details of the artist, album, composer, etc etc. * Restricted Bitrates? * Is OCRemix Required to be in the song title? The site in the album field? * The steps I should take to upload it? Anyhow, here are the download links to the song (I AM BEING VERY TRUSTWORTHY IN HAVING UPLOADED THE WHOLE SONG, SO PLEASE DON'T STEAL IT OR I WILL SEND MY FLM FILE TO A MOD AS PROOF!!!) Song Info Song Title - Dark Storms Over Hyrule Game - Legend of Zelda: OoT Base: Song of Storms Artist - DarkHanzou (Stage Name) Bitrate - 192kbps Direct Link (Right-Click, Save As...): http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/13/2601744/Darkhanzou%20-%20Dark%20Storms%20Over%20Hyrule%20%28OCRemix%29.mp3 Mirrors (Rarred): http://filebeam.com/06139144a185b80c8c3b17f7de9634e3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SSBWSKEK http://rapidshare.com/files/295992155/dh_dsoh_ocr.rar.html
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