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  1. Hey Artwaste! Here's my OCR Canidate Submission. Let me know if it's something you like, or if there's something you might want changed. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30455
  2. --=[ Done by request of Artwaste ]=-- (So even if this goes nowhere I can still send you the MP3 if you like it Art). Request Thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30438 ReMixer: DJ H3L10S, DarkSim Real Name: David Brown, DarkSim E-Mail: dbrown1986@hotmail.com, biocolor09@hotmail.com Website: http://www.myspace.com/biocolor09 UserID #: 30784 Game(s) Arranged: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Song(s) Arranged: Southern Face Shrine Composers: Kazumi Totaka, Minako Hamano & Kozue Ishikawa OST Link: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/download.php?type=soundtracks&sector=linksawakeningost&file=56%20-%20Southern%20Shrine UPDATED Overview: Rev. 1: Starting point, nice; but needs more. Rev. 2: Livened up the drums with some Equalization. Also added in a soft choir element; that sounds nice, but I'm not quite sure if it adds a good element to the arrangement overall. Rev. 3: Changed the style of the final synth, although I'm not sure it sits well with the rest of the arrangement. Rev. 4: Added bass harmonics and adjusted drums (per NE's suggestion). Rev. 5: Drums came in over the top on last revision, made volume and leveling adjustments. Rev. 6: More drum adjustments. Rev. 7: Converted Drum Samples to Addictive Drums; added portomento (1/32) to the bass melody & mastered all patterns/steps. Rev. 8: Gave the drums more OOMPH in this revision, definitely the ONE. Rev. 9: EXCELLENT rendition by DarkSim. Rev. 10: DarkSim adjusted some of his work. Rev. 11: DarkSim is on vacation. Made some adjustments to his additions, downscaled the bass, uplifted the snare. Rev. 12: Snare lead-in came in to heavy, made adjustments. (OLD) OCR Revision #8: http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/loz-links-awakening-shrine-of-destiny-ocr-canidate-revision-8 (Drum dB adjustment) (OLD) OCR Revision #9: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/idte (Bass and additional synth added by DarkSim) (OLD) OCR Revision #10: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/ihzh (Darksim made some adjustments to his bass and leads.) (OLD)OCR Revision #11: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/dqrf (Adjustments to DarkSims bass and snare) (NEW) OCR Revision #12: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/uedo (Snare adjustments)
  3. I'm all out of ideas... care to share some with me? Or just be honest, I'll never graze the halls of OCR cuz I'm not a good enough musician. This is the sixth track I've put together, and it's never good enough. Don't take it personally, I know you were just trying to help; but I guess I don't belong here.
  4. Looking over the changes that I have made to this track and having listened to it over and over and over again. I think you've got a point that it stands out even without any real perc/drums. I think I might just submit this one as is, the bass does have it's own momentum and percussion that suits the mix real well and the source, although VERY apparent, blends well with the creative arrangements.
  5. While I appreciate the criticism and the enthusiasm, as well as encouraging me to try some stuff with the drums, I think it would be better to have someone else attempt the drums and percussion work. I REALLY suck with trying to slice together a good percussion beat when it comes to trance/techno/dnb. Anyway; I took what you said to heart, and livened up some of the samples, including the lead-in; and even made some adjustments to the follow-up so that it doesn't quite start over but instead leads into a grandiose performance; and I also replaced the Acoustic Guitar with a overtone of Trance Arps that really add to the piece. It sounds good, but I think I may have overdone it. Here's the link to Variant 2: http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/wip-zelda-64-oot-rains-treasure-song-of-storms-ocremix-varient-2
  6. MOVED TO MOD REVIEW: This track is close, but not close enough. I need some extra critque so I can get it 'Just Right' before subbing. Song of Storms remix, done by me; I have some drum plugins but I'm still learning the drum apps and so If anyone would like to, it's a chance to make a wonderful mix, have a listen and let me know if you want to have a go at it. http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/wip-zelda-64-oot-rains-treasure-song-of-storms-ocremix-varient-2
  7. Just finished the first track for my upcoming album and I want to run it by everyone to get a general feel for things and see what needs some work. Reply or send PM, doesn't matter. Thanks to all who provide their thoughts. http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/01-words-without-reason
  8. I have NeXus and it's all I could ever want in a ROM-Sampler (packing 4GB), now I just need to find a good Drum Sampler. Anyone?
  9. Well (like a dummy), I went ahead and pushed this through to the judges as it was. Despite the constructive criticism that you have all provided (thanks to all by the way), let's just say I was PULVERIZED. Well, not literally, but the judges are responsible for the quality of the work that they allow posted on this site, and I agree; there were a number of things wrong with the original track. So, I have come back to this track, one last time, in hopes that the rework that I have done is much better than before, if not, oh well, I will continue to gain knowledge through experience and will someday have something that is astounding. Final Attempt at a "PASSABLE" OCRemix. After this, if declined, I will not continue work on this song as an OCR, however it will be distributed as is and I will continue working on my skills, in hopes that someday I compose something that is passable. Check out the new track - Click Here!
  10. Indeed, I intend on expanding the synth and adding more to this track.
  11. Definately sounding great so far, but the jungle sample needs some tempo adjustment, just can't seem to get it close to PERFECT yet. I dunno, if it's not the tempo, then perhaps it's how I have it placed on the Master track. This track is showing a lot of promise, let me know your thoughts. http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/hitman-cn47-jungle-rezonance (Version 1) http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/hitman-cn47-jungle-rezonance-version-2 (Version 2 - Slight variance in track placement) Tools Used: FL Studio 9 XXL P.E. Adobe Audition CS3 Game Information: Game: Hitman - Codename 47 Composer: Jesper Kyd Original Song: - 1:36 into the video.
  12. The bass is there, but it's not as defined as the main melody.
  13. Worked on a new version with some more arrangement and flavour. Master 5 (Reworked): http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/wip-mirrors-edge-still-alive-remix-reworked-master-5
  14. Works fine for me try it again. UPDATE: The links have been updated, please listen and post your thoughts.
  15. I've done a rather good job on this one, but... I need to know what I'm missing. The song is alive, has good progression and identifiable source as well as a unique canvas, but it just feels like there could be a little bit more. Any suggestions on this one? EDIT: Link Updated. Did a little volume mastering & removed the bass spikes. ADDED: YouTube Video (Do not depend on YT for the best quality, just an example vid)
  16. Submitted this track to the judges. Even if it does not get approved you can still download it here: http://atheloswow.org/projects/ocr/complete/frog_beat_mixdown_redux.mp3 or you can watch it here:
  17. I'll see if I can't work something together with Wierd Kids on the Block (the title menu theme), I have some unused samples from a previous project that might fit in very nicely with that track.
  18. Well I might be willing to do something. Is there any particular theme you would like, if you know the name or the area where the theme appears (overworld theme, etc etc), you can choose more than one theme if you want a medley, as long as you think they might sound good together. Also, what kind of style are you looking for? Contemporary? Jazz? Classical? Techno/Trance/Rave? Any particular arrangement requests?
  19. Whenever I listen to others music, I like to try to imagine how I feel in this persons shoes, I try to think what the artist is thinking when they wrote it. This has everything going for it, it is a very nice piece, BUT... (there's ALWAYS a BUT), I feel that with what it has, it could do with a little more, the dark texture of the song is nice, the resonating synths and appregio are beautiful but perhaps lighting up the piece with something that stands out would feel nice too. It does vary from the source, but there is very little of the source that is identifiable (I'm guessing that the source is "Crazy Motorcycle", but that's how difficult it is to identify). There is so much more you can do with this piece, but I am not the one to tell you what to do, it's yours, so keep creativity in mind and strive. EDIT: Upgrade to FL9, and if you need some plugin/effect VST's, then send me a PM. Check out my latest piece for some inspiration, I based my latest entirely on FL Studio,
  20. http://atheloswow.org/projects/ocr/radical_dreamers.flp Posting for the resourcefulness it will provide.
  21. http://atheloswow.org/projects/radical_dreamers.mp3 Self-Hosted off my own bandwidth, so it should work. As I said this was a quickly put together demo (which I did for you), so I can do ANYTHING you want with it.
  22. I have worked the best I can over the last ten days, and have retained most of what the original song had, with the some new twists and MUCH better percussion near the closing. Have a listen! (or a watch) http://atheloswow.org/projects/ocr/frog_beat_mixdown_redux.mp3 @ Arcana - I have read a few notes about the judges, and it seems they like it when the source is retained well. They also like variety, but I think this mix in itself retains both source and a variety in instruments. I myself have put QUITE a few things in here, that if you have listened to the original, aren't there and sound good. I see A LOT of songs here that retain most if not ALL of the source,and it's not always a bad thing. As far as "Muddy", I'm not sure what you mean as it I think it sounds okay. Anyhow, thanks for the critique.
  23. Indeed, those are all things I agree with, you listen to it many times over and you feel that somethings not right, but you get caught up in how good the rest of the song is, I took a moment to really *LISTEN* as closely as possible and took many steps to edit the track, and was able to shave off nearly 1:43 from it as well as preserve the calm intro (which is now only 0:13). The link above has been edited, same link, new mix-down. Give it a listen. The bass drum is still there, but I will work on something to replace it ASAP. Playing around with percussion, here's a riff: http://www.atheloswow.org/projects/ocr/frog_beat_mixdown_perc.mp3 I'm not entirely sure this is a match either, so I'll play around with it some more later, for now... I sleep.
  24. First off, I would like to apologize for the brashness in my last post, as a community we share our ongoing developments, and if there is one thing I SHOULD understand here (among some other places) it is that nobody is going to try and take credit for the work I do here. (See: New Member - First OCR) I know many have been done, but I put some good work into this one. It's got a calm lead-in to the storm, wherin the storm leads back into the calm with a variation bass and creative spark. VERY MUCH appreciate ANY criticism on this one. Link: http://atheloswow.org/projects/ocr/frog_beat_mixdown.mp3 Thanks!
  25. Thanks so far to everyone for the critique, these are all things I have identified with myself too, which is also the reason I came here first. @ Scrap - Good point on Variation, That was my intention with the Acoustic Guitar, to give it a little kick. What else would you suggest. As far as it goes now, I have shortened the "loop" to 2:23:00 and am still experimenting. The volume issue was due to a Sine being active in one of my effects, which I have disabled.
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