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  1. I made some changes to your latest work; toned down the bass a bit and made the main snare sound a little better, the subtle snare that comes into center from the left is livened up a little too. I don't call it "hijacking" my work, I call it collab, you took it and made something with it, then told me "Hey, check this out." If you took it; and posted it elsewhere without making any changes and not giving credit; that would be hijacking. Also, I enjoy the work your doing on it, so I will give you credit as it is justly due.

  2. I did some leveling work, so you should check it out when you have a chance. Sorry I read in an old post (http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30408) that you used GB.
  3. I agree; the bass is a bit much, I'll be doing some leveling work on it, see if I can't bring out the the notes that are being drowned out and tone down the bass a little. DarkSim is on vacation; and with the latest touch being his work, it would be a bit difficult to ask him to make these changes. I would if I could, but he uses another program; and I use FL Studio. BTW - Beat another game I MIGHT do a mix for later, have a look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFLP3ETMmZQ EDIT: Made adjustments to the bass and snare; check first page.
  4. I think most of the gaps we were looking to fill have been taken care of by DarkSim. Now we just have to wait for a mod to say Yay or Nay.
  5. Hey!

    DarkSim joined in on a collab for the Shrine of Destiny OCR. You should hear some of his revisions, I think they fill in the gap we we're looking to fill and adds a bit of independent arrangement separate from the source.

    Check out the latest: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30455

  6. Hey!

    DarkSim joined in on a collab for the Shrine of Destiny OCR. You should hear some of his revisions, I think they fill in the gap we we're looking to fill and adds a bit of independent arrangement separate from the source.

    Check out the latest: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30455

  7. Love the latest rendition, the bass comes in real well and the drums sound great. Only problems I have is that the bass is a bit over the rest of the composition in some of the places (so maybe tone it down a smidgen of a bit), the snare sounds kind of weird; so maybe tweak that a little and the synth that comes in at 2:15 is REALLY rough, consider playing with the EQ on the synth a bit.

    Other than that; there's nothing wrong with what you've contributed, it all sounds WONDERFUL (even the snare); it just needs some leveling and cutoff work.

    * Fine tune that snare, so it sounds a little better.

    * De-Amplify the bass just a TINY bit.

    * Work the synth lead that starts at 2:15 so it's not so rough.

    BTW, thanks again for all of the help, I've included your name in the post; and when it's ready to submit, I'll make sure to give credit then too.

  8. Well most of the lead is in C.

  9. That sounds badass DarkSim. Some of the bass seems slightly off key with the lead though. If you want to collab on this when you get back, then I can send you the FLP if you have FruityLoops.

  10. Well you do now; but the mix from the first post on the first page sounded nothing like NeXus. What I was trying to get at; is how to make NeXus sound really good. If you need any tuts, feel free to send me some PM's or Google 'em. On a side note, your Lost Woods track sounds brilliant.
  11. Before I say my piece, let me just say that I myself am right there with you Malheureusement. I've just started out here at OCR (it's been a while since I joined but I'm still learning A LOT), and I'll go so far as to say that you're doing VERY well so far. I myself know next to nothing about music and OCR is helping me to discover my talents every day as well as experiment with music in ways I never thought possible. All in all; this is a decent track. Your approach in arrangement is very suitable, you've done a good job there, and while I agree with what WillRock; NE and SBeast are saying; I also noted that production wise, it sounds like your using stock synths and stock VSTi's (FruityLoops; if I'm right) that came with the program. Now; using stock VSTi's (or audio plug-ins as they are more aptly called) isn't necessarily a bad idea; or a bad thing, but from the sound of this track, it sounds like you used a few of the templates that they include with them. If you want to get better sounding synth effects out of VSTi's such as Toxic Bio-hazard, Sawer, SynthMaker or Wasp; as a general suggestion, I say play with it a little bit. Get a feel for how the plug-ins work, solo out the part your working on and fine tune it until it feels "right" then see how it compares to the rest of the arrangement and production. If you need a good polysynth and ROM-Sampler for trance/techno/club try NeXus If you need a good Drum Sampler (for all around genres), try Addictive Drums DON'T FORGET! Once your done with everything, MASTERING the elements of your arrangement is the KEY to SUCCESS. Now; I'm certainly not made of money, and I can't predict how other people are financially, but if you want the plug-ins I mentioned above, get 'em any way you can. I wont go as far as to say how I got them (ahem, *cough *cough) As an example of both, here's a track of mine (which I will hopefully submit after Mod Review) which uses both NeXus and Addictive Drums: Click Here to Listen Here's a video of me goofing around with NeXus: And a Fuego96 cut with NeXus when I first started using it: And an orchestra demo: LOLZ... Sorry... Not trying to sell NeXus, it sells itself. It's really THAT good. Also, VGAnxiety, from YouTube; made a remix (from Mass Effect 2); using NeXus and Addictive Drums, and it's quite a killer cut. These are the advantages of having premium VST plug-ins as well as using EQ / Panning and mastering to uplift and tone down each channel so that they all sound very well together and don't blend too much or sound too mushy.Good Luck!
  12. Okay guys! I totally agree that a port on the kick would be a nice touch; but should that be off beat 1/3 or 3/4? Also; I'm playing around a bit with it; but as of yet, I can't really get a good note out of it, everything I've thrown in with the kick sounds really bad. No Escape, or SB, you've listened to the song enough at this point; where would you put it? The notes of the source are so awkward that it's hard for one or two notes in portomento to stay with the beat and the melody (especially the melody, as it goes off tune). What notes would you place 'em at? FYI - I have no degree in M.T. so I'm pretty much mainstream; doing this stuff on my spare time. This is how I see patterns and time signatures; and I think I'm way off...
  13. Sounds like you might have listened to Rev. 6 or Rev. 7, everything is a little more apparent in Rev. 8 (which I JUST posted). The melody is dubbed with a portomento baseline throughout most of the song starting at 0:37 and running throughout the song until 2:45. Are you suggesting I use a different kind of base, or just liven it up a little? Also, at this point if I add any more harmonies or synths; although they might fit well; it might start to congest the track and perhaps make it sound too mushy; desperately strung-out and far too blended. This OCR is more or less source based; the closing Synth is all the climax I feel it deserves; anything more will overpower the rest of the arrangement.
  14. Rev. 7 of Shrine of Destiny is done. Added Addictive Drums + Portomento, let me know what you think.

  15. Figured out the slide; got that in there and its ALL OVER the place, sounds GREAT. Also gave the drums and kick a TOTAL MAKEOVER. Likewise; I'm moving this over to finished for more critique.
  16. I started out with a Korg; it was my Dad's. I contacted Zircon about using that function in FL. I listened to your track; I'm guessing by sliding you mean the notes from 2:00 - 2:15 that slide/blend into a lower octave rather than just switching to a lower octave? Sort of almost like a turn-table powering down? If not with FruityLoops, I can do this with Adobe Audition, but even I'm not sure what windows would work best in the composition; and if I can keep with the tempo.
  17. I left a message on your profile about the sig, read that then send me a PM about it. I am using headphones, and FruityLoops; is a slide possible on FL? If so, do you know how, I got a slide in there but I think it kind of sounds like shit.
  18. Updated again, I managed to get a slide in their from 2:00 to 2:15, but it doesn't quite suit the arrangement.

  19. So at 2:00 it starts high and elevates down towards the note at 2:15, that prob wouldn't sound to good with the arrangement (unless I made some MAD changes); and I'm not sure that this far in I could match something like that with the tempo either. Besides the sliding bass; what else could you imagine working with this? I'm trying to encompass a wide variety, but I want to make sure that I'm not being repititive while at the same time, I have to make sure that the track doesn't sound mooshy or blends with other harmonics.
  20. Updated the LoZ:LA sub with some bass harmonics and adjustments to the drums. Give it a hear and let me know what you think. Also, I'll get back to you once I've had a look at your project.

  21. In answer to your reply on my LoZ:LA post,

    This is a userbar:


    This is a signature (I think you know, but might as well cover it):


    Anyways, is there a certain kind of userbar or signature you would like? Give me some details. A favorite game? A sport or activity? Favorite Artist (OCR or mainstream), hobbies? Do you want your name to appear in the signature? Stuff like that.

    And thanks for the crits on the LoZ track.

  22. Hey Artwaste!

    Here's my OCR Canidate Submission for Southern Face Shrine. Let me know if it's something you like, or if there's something you might want changed. I'm going to work on it for subbing to the site, but I can provide you with a link to a downloadable MP3 if you want it now or when it's finished.


  23. No one else noticed that he ends the whole thing with the empty hearts sound? Now, that; my friends, is classic!
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