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  1. Seemed far to close to the original , not alot of remixing involved. May wanna try to stray away from the source a bit. I'd recommend lessening those bells a tad and giving it its own mix. The usual idea isnt to give a reconditioning of the original song , but to redo the song with the sound you like. Give it a jazz remix , rock , metal , rap , jpop , DDR... you know , your own flavor of it. Again , seemed far to close to the original , and trust me , i know the original backwards , forwards , inside out and all the inbetweens.
  2. Very nicely done! Beat went well with the winds and snares. Reminded me of some nice heavier 80's beats mixed in with some new wave synths. Best of luck to ya and keep up the good sound work.
  3. To me , originality is of your own creation. To make it exotic is to take it a step further and make it original and focus is on a genre that is less tapped into. In your case , ya want it to sound like "f**ked up" trance. Making it original (your idea) and exotic (uncommonly used trance type). Sorry for the confusion. Remember though, while it is your music and your ideas on hand here, ya do have some people to impress to get it passed the panel. So if your intentions are something wierd and funky , get ready for some explaining of your motives.
  4. Ah hell! Pianos Pianos Pianos! I simply cannot get enough. The latino edge added into the piano work made me do a jig in my seat as I listened. Well arranged. Repetitions where repetitions are needed. The drum roll to symbol slap was a nice added touch as well. Adored how it picked up around 1:55ish. Very well put together, fun, giddy, happy, dance music from a less than renown game. A+ material in my book.
  5. While showing its age , music-wise , it was a good rendition of something simple and repetitive. The first few minutes or so seemed a tad dark for a pac-man game , almost sounded like something that should have been in Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Much like being able to build a shelter from scraps of nothing , this song does deliver considering what it is based from. I'm one of those people who don't mind a song created for nostalgia's sake or for "up to your interpretation" so this song doesn't bother me. While simple , I did enjoy the choir-like background during it all. Added to the creepy ghost-hunting , pellet chomping theme of it all.
  6. While well put together, repetition aside, could have added a bit of extra oomph to it. While some nostalgia loves love the mix , those of us with a lil less "madness" in our history wil be a tad more picky. I enjoyed the trance-ride that I got from the song, just wish there was a bit more to it as ya went along. Overall though: Very nice and enjoyable. Quick and bubbly. And a reminder of game with more play in mind than music. I may go find the source to see the inspiration.
  7. Feels to me like ya brought an R&B beat to a trance competition. Might wanna consider either funk'ing it up a bit , or adding something to the weaker sounding snare type beat. Feels a tad hollow at times , like so much more could be added. The deep bass lead could use some added oomph. If you were going for something less original and something more exotic , cheesy tech isnt usually the way to go. I would try giving the lead more of a pronounced place. Either that or lessen it and go for a cheesy drum beat of it. Just ideas. Sorry if they were a tad harsh. >_<
  8. Coming from a guy who sings classic rock and knows very few rap/R&B songs , this says alot. I find this mix fabulous. The arrangement. The tempo. The "GTFOut my veldt!" attitude. All of it leaves me smirking the entire time. The profanity , while some think it over the top , goes well with the song its self. Im no ones foul mouth , at the same time , im no ones bar of Dove. Good job Zyko. Looking forward to more R%B mixes from ya. *Criticism* Its needed , or else nothing gets a second looking at. I think ya coulda subbed out the home-made growling for something in game or synth'd. Nothing that woulda made/broke the song. Just an idea to have added to it in some aspect. Thanks and again , heluva good job Zyko.
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