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  1. Eh, what the hell... Omega to Oulu, Finland.
  2. Omega

    EvE Online

    Flying solo, trying things, learning the ropes. Been thinking gettin' me some cover ops ship and heading out to some wormhole. Seems like a nice short term plan.
  3. Omega

    EvE Online

    *bump* I started about a month ago and just bought my first PLEX. I gotta say, this game is as addictive as I was afraid it would be. There's a ton of stuff to do and the amount of wiki-pages you have have to read in order to understand even the basics is staggering.
  4. If I weren't so broke at the moment I'd buy two straight away (.___.)
  5. This is the thing that I've not been able to comprehend completely. If Epsilon has all the Alpha's memories, thus basically making it the alpha itself, no? I mean, it/he remembers all the stuff that happened in the old Blood Gulf series, no? (Spoiler alert) But the original alpha unit was destroyed at the end of that epic season few years ago, so what does that make of Epsilon? Is it the old Alpha or just a part of Alpha? So confusing.
  6. I'd really like to help out more than mere 5$, but my financial situation is very uncertain at the moment and I can't spare more before I know will I be getting any money next month or not
  7. I had this idea that maybe I could connect the Spawn's aqueducts to my own aqueducts somehow. At the moment, I see two options on where one could fit the waterline network: 1) To the far side of the town, or 2) above it all.
  8. Donation made. Further more, I might be interested on constructing the Aquaduct for the Spawn area.
  9. Omega


    I played it through my high school during the recesses. Probably a hundred games in total with the hardest difficulty.
  10. I've been using Brave New World for exploration and resource collection. Gold, my friends gold, iron, coal, red ore and lapis lazuli, tons of the stuff. Also better caves and more monster spawns!
  11. Aaawwww... You shouldn't have
  12. While I do appreciate some extra help, I like collecting the stuff by myself. This is why I tend to shun the creative mode. However, I do realize that some items are very difficult to come by. I could use some (~50pieces) of smile balls. There are no proper dungeons in my area so the slimes are very difficult to find. I also would like to have about 100 blue dye, if that's not too much to ask. There's no hurry with these items for I have much to build and I am a patient man.
  13. Not to mean to sound impatient, but is the Nether or Brave New World going to be back online anytime soon? I'd really like to find some lapis lazuli and nether bricks soon.
  14. Well someone has been keeping himself (or herself) busy. Awesome shipyard.
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