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  1. hey so I've never played Xenoanything but OCR has taught me that Xenogears had like the best vgm like ever
  2. tbh it's not that easy to defend vs Fuerte's vortex everything is crossup mixup TORTILLAAAAaaaaaaaaa
  3. I totally recognized a note from the Hybrid Electric Drums/Electronic Love drumkit <3 reason
  4. I actually like the melody, so I kinda like this. I'm just iffy on the parts where some of the rhythmic synths cover up it xD
  5. I heard that one will be on the SF engine while Namco will develop one on the Tekken engine which is wat
  6. definitely. i think the best solution to that would be going for CH mp moves
  7. Alright I lied. If you kara cancel karakusa you can grab after a hayate watch FlashMetroid's makoto he is seriously ridiculous
  8. so yeah this is still awesome and prob makes my top 10 ocr
  9. Knockdown is a good portion of Makoto's game. The reason why Hayate is just not as good as it was in 3s is that it hits a little further than it did in that game - out of the reach of a karakusa. Knockdown is good because you can dash in, close up that gap and pressure the opponent with stuff, maybe bait a reversal srk and get another karakusa. I do use s.hp->hayate to pressure as well though. But it's easier to crossup with a knockdown.
  10. @ zircon; s HP-> hayate doesn't do a knockdown however, sHP-> ex Chop (forgot, i think it's called Oroshi) does a ton of stun and has knockdown and less knockback than sweep so you don't have to walk forward to do a crossup I figured out today that crossing up ryu is hard even without his srk, he's just hard to hit with j.mk
  11. lol I'm terrible at sf, but I decided I wanted to learn Makoto ;D learned some stuff from vid. interesting though, I dunno if I would sweep from karakusa actually i might then crossup with j mk. hmm. but still i'd do a sweep from aerial mostly D:
  12. at first the whuaaaaaaaaaa surprised me and made me not listen to it, a year or so later i was like wtf why didn't i listen to it i love it
  13. the only reason i knew the source tune was because of the Of Sea and Fire mix by Ziwtra, when I heard it here I was like ohmygoodness I know that lol awesome stuff
  14. this is my favorite thing on ocr lol flying synths are awesome i'm confused, i thought i posted on here before. but yeah.
  15. I really liked the trailers, though.
  16. BlazBlue often makes me rage. I hope to just have fun with SF this time around.
  17. Picked up this game yesterday, it's pretty cool. Ryu isn't the new Ken, he's... Ryu. Always consistent. One of the best characters in the game. Ken was really only very good in 3s. Coincidentally Ryu wasn't that great in that game. It was because projectiles were a lot worse due to parrying.
  18. HELLO there Emu, and of course much <3s and thanks for the critique My problem is that I don't know what percussion to aim for, I've got crashes and a lot of stuff going on in there and idk how to fix drums much D: I have uploaded a new version it has another drum track that I think is cool http://www.tindeck.com/listen/wyhd v5 much better than that ^ http://www.tindeck.com/listen/cxnr
  19. Source tune is "Welcome to Fyrestone" link is this: Newest version, v5 http://www.tindeck.com/listen/cxnr some stuff is messy n stuff because I've worked on this for a little bit and stuff ramble ramble critique is welcome etc Borderlands! Notes: I'm liking v5 so far much more than v4. Even v3 (first one i put up) was better than v4 =o
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