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  1. it took the judges 4 months to even get to my sub, so ijelly besides my personal moping, lovin the rock
  2. re-commenting, as this is seriously one of my favorite remixes on this site now sooo goodddd
  3. oh my goodness. the Pink Floydness of the beginning is pretty great then it changes! i really like this.
  4. hmmm really liking willrock right nowww gonna check out more of his stuff
  5. really cool, and lol, Rondo is one of my favorite players in the NBA
  6. Let's go Team DKC3! Emu got me hyped up for this so long ago and i'm still hyped, aww yee
  7. still one of the forefront OCRemixes on the site imo. and still godlike.
  8. really wished as you went through movement you had contrasting tempos, like a real string quartet piece might have D: very interesting stuff nonetheless
  9. AHA, I love HMarch 2 >.> Not the biggest fan of 1 and 3 though LOL I'll check this out
  10. aww man. the filters of the board filter out all caps posts. I LOVE HALCTHONIC
  11. YES OMG YES i love pso music as well, and the game is great
  12. I like most of it, 1:51 feels like there is too much in the middle when you could have a more contrasting bass vs treble part, then you could slowly fill in haha. Right after that i feel the koto is all by itself with too much bass. needs some support in the treble, a little bit more? When the flute comes in around the 3 min mark it is definitely good though Starting at 4:22? When the koto/flute are basically both having the lead melody, I feel like that part could be longer and I want to hear the two harmonize rather than having some of the same notes! other than that, intense and I like it.
  13. I would be really interested in the finished product, sounds great so far I agree with neblix, some places the sound was thinner than i felt it should have been
  14. jason derulo - whatcha say flo rida - right round this trend was kinda sorta popular last year tbh. I dunno, to me, it's just a tribute to other songs... Does anyone have anything against: I mean, sampling is everywhere. The beat is from one of my favorite movie soundtracks... etc
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