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  1. Greetings, I have a blog that is video game music related. Unfortunately, the response is quite small so I think about moving to somewhere with a larger community. My requirements are quite simple: -Text -Embedded Youtube links with timestamps. -Tagging would be nice -No real life authentication. I would like to stay anonymous for now. Do you have recommendations? Thanks.
  2. I have several entries about Final Fantasy pop music similarities in my blog:
  3. I lazily link to my blog: Sonic 1: Sonic 2 Master System: Sonic & Knuckles:
  4. Hello, I didn't see someone quoted here, sorry. Well, my blog is in the other direction: Game music that has been inspired by pop music. But you never know where the journey will go if the interest is there...
  5. Greetings, my name is Phil. I like video game music. Sometimes I find pop culture music that sounds suspiciously similar to the video game music I like. Thus, I started a blog to publish my findings. There are also some high profile games on the list: Hope to see you soon!
  6. Hello folks, I'm trying to identify a song I have heard a couple of years ago. It is labeled "FFX-Skytheme", however, it doesn't sound anything like the song labeled Sky Theme in numerous Youtube videos. It starts up with some kind of horn fanfare, then has a short hard rock segment, than turns more silent with bells and stuff. Later, it switches to piano. Does that sound familiar to you?