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  1. I took a look for anything written after the 2:30 mark. There is nothing there (I had checked a few times for this and never found anything). However, when I saw you mentioned playlist, it had reminded me of a tutorial I had seen that started using the playlist (The first few tutorials I saw basically made the songs in a single pattern. I was foolishly doing this, and was confused with the whole playlist thing). It seemed the original pattern was extended further, based on the original length of the MIDI I used, but I couldn't shrink it. So I split my one pattern into proper patterns and remov
  2. Sorry, poor wording on my part. It's not that I need a longer track length, I need a shorter one. The track length is about 2:30 for actual playing music, but the total track length is something like 2:50. This leaves about 20 seconds of nothing at the end of my track. I'm trying to remove that 20 seconds of no sound and make the track end sooner. I would've thought it would happen automatically, as it does so when I add more, but it's not. And thanks, changing the drivers worked, so the export came out fine.
  3. Recently got FL after years of wanting to do so. But since I'm new to remixing, and most music terms all together, I'm having some difficulties with it. Following Zircon's guide, I found a MIDI file of the song I wanted to remix (It's more just a cover right now), opened it up, did all the fun stuff of getting what I wanted. Now I'm trying to export it into MP3, but I'm having two issues: 1. With all my changes, the track's length is about 20-30 seconds shorter than what my file is allowing me. However, I have absolutely NO clue how to shorten the track length to match what I have. I'm fairl
  4. What Mono said about the space. Hearing it in my head with the pause makes it feel more... I dunno, better. That said, I need more of this! A lot more! As I seem to always need when I listen to your mixes. You have a love for FFX, don't you halc?
  5. Y'know, this just brings a question to my mind: Is there anything you CAN'T make sound awesome in metal?!
  6. As a huge fan of FFV, I HAD to listen to this. Sadly, I'm not knowledgeable in music making, so chances are I'm going to word this all very badly (Or maybe not, who knows?). I'm better at writing, so I'll try to articulate my words into a story. To begin, the entire thing felt like it was telling the story of a great hero, during the final moments of what he would be made into a legend for. The calm, almost sad (And very enjoyable, I wish there was an extended version of just the intro!) piano intro begins the tale. Would-be heroes are all gathered together, beaten and weary from their battl
  7. I don't know much on the technical side of remixing to be able to comment on... most of the mix... anyway, I do know enough to be able to say two things: - TOO SHORT! (I know it's a WIP, but holy crap do I want it to be longer!) - Too conservative. I already know someone will come in and say this, so best say it sooner than later. Of course, that's something that can be worked on when making it longer. Otherwise, I like the general sound of it. A bit midi-ish, but it works.
  8. I made myself listen to this for hours before posting here. That said, I'm enjoying the new section you added. The change in the lead early on is good, too. The addition you put in from 0:39 on also sounded fantastic; subtle enough to not drown everything else, but enough for people to be able to pay attention to it. I'm trying to figure out what the background voice is saying from 2:10 to the end of the song. I will admit it adds a bit of an extra breath of fresh air into the outro. As a brief note, I'm no remixer myself. I'm speaking from someone who just listens to a LOT of music, mostly
  9. For those that don't know the source... I have nothing to add on this at this time. I'll try to get something in once I've listened a few times. Edit: Ok, listened a few times. I do have to agree with Luke regarding the lead in the beginning. At around 0:40 the lead changed a bit, reducing in volume. Personally, I preferred the lower volume. In all honesty, it felt very short to me. I liked the shorter intro, but we then don't even get a full minute of the main track before you cut it something I feel is more just background noise for the track. I'd say try for even another 30 seconds
  10. This game was so annoying as a kid. Even now I can't bring myself to play it in fear that I'll fail. I can't recall every finding a boss or knowing at all what I was doing. That said, I still played it a LOT and this song, the only song I EVER really heard, was drilled into my head. With that said, I normally don't even post on OCR, but this song is more than worth it. I'm not musically inclined, but I'm really loving where this is going so far. I can't wait until you start breaking into your own interpretations for it. I honestly got nothing besides this to say, keep going with this sound!
  11. I normally don't bother posting (Mostly because I know nothing of music production), but this remix honestly sounds a LOT like the source in terms of the piano (That is, it sounds like the piano was just taken out and put in). I can tell it's not, but still, I don't think that's a good thing. I would say the best thing to do would be to not even use a piano. Something, ANYTHING, would be better. In addition, it could use some variation (This is what all the good WIP critics say, anyway, so I'm gonna make myself look smart and say it as well!).
  12. Another name for it is "The Sight of Spira". I know the song, this does sound a bit like it. Liquid, if you like, I can get you a copy of the song galleon and I speak of, and you can check for yourself if it rings any bells (Assuming you don't have it).
  13. I'm not much of a composer, so chances are you can ignore my opinion entirely, but I'll offer it nonetheless as that of a keen listener. Listened through your first draft throughly (Roughly about 5 times), and honestly it sounded solid to me. I noticed a couple things, though, that either just didn't seem natural to me or bothered me: The intro. The first few seconds are awesome, but when the song transitions at 0:06, it feels like it should be longer. Not by much, but perhaps to allow for a bit more build up. Your transition at 1:44 was great, but then changing again at 1:48 it doesn't "fe
  14. Normally I don't write reviews for remixes (In fact, this is my first one), because my understanding of how the remixes are made is, well, non-existant. However, after seeing this and listening to it, I couldn't help but read what others wrote about it, and decided to write up my own. There are two main aspects of this remix that, to me, make it really stand out. The first is the seamless fusion between the Phendrana Drifts theme and the Chozo Ruins theme. Although I've never noticed how well the two songs can fuse into each other, this remix has pointed it out to me. As well, it takes a them
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