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  1. Upped again at same link with a bit of an intro and some synthy bits, almost finished
  2. Yeah I can understand what you mean, I did actually alter the bass to be more prominent since you first downloaded it, regarding the key, I'm tuned to A# for this one, so there is a bit of expected mushiness in the lower end of the guitar tone, that I can see may throw it a bit. It shall no doubt be rectified once I have my 5150 back and record the guitars properly. Cheers for the feedback
  3. Re: loudness in a rock/metal track, you may find that your snare/kick transients are eating up all the limiter response causing the unwanted pumping effect. Since they have a very quick peak, clipping them doesn't cause much in the way of unwanted artifacts. Head over to http://www.gvst.co.uk/ Grab the plugin Gclip, very simple, has a nice visual interface, try dropping that on your kick and snare channels and have a look at the peaks, notice that clipping them pretty severely doesn't do much to their sound, but gives your limiter more room to work with the rest of the content. However most likely what you need to do is take care of balancing frequencies in your mix, ie. High pass anything that isn't the kick and bass to leave enough room for the low end, especially guitars, low end sounds tend to occupy a massive amount of the available headroom in a track and for instruments and sound that don't require them, get rid of them. This also helps to glue things together better. If you find your snare or kick getting buried in a mix after clipping them off a bit, some surgical EQ on various other instruments such as guitar and bass to allow them to punch through in the mix helps a lot.
  4. Would you care to be a little more specific on what elements you think contain too much reverb? No element in the entire mix actually has any reverb plugins applied whatsoever except for the leadish thing at the end which has a small chorus and delay on it. If anything I felt it was a little dry :/
  5. How curious it turns out to be a year to the day I decided to work on this again. Bored on my day off, decided to see if I could get some decent guitar tone out of my Sansamp PSA1 and ended up working on this. Scratched everything I did previously and whipped out the E-kit to give it a bit of a thrashing. Once again my amp is elsewhere, hence the PSA1, so I plan to re-do this with my peavey once it's back but pretty happy with the tone thus far as I've never got anything decent out of it before. More fleshed out than the last time and I actually played the drums this time instead of dropping some loops over the riffs. Haven't done any of the synth stuff I have planned as yet, just thought I'd post up what I've done today and see if anyone is interested in me finishing it. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2232434/q2remix.mp3 do let me know what you think if you have a listen *edit just realised it's not a year, forgot the date was in american lol.
  6. Yeah I just dropped some ezdrummer midi loops on it as was originally just for tone testing purposes before I thought about making a full mix, certainly won't have that china nonstop when I'm done with it
  7. Yeah just been playing in bands and working on production/recording technique for a while
  8. Well at least I got one response Amps out on lend to a mate for their CD launch and waiting on another new guitar next week then I suppose I'll get cracking on it with some decent drums and arrangement.
  9. *edit new link to newer version further down
  10. Blegh, computer packed itself last week and I had to reinstall windows, and have lost all my installed programs. For the life of me I cannot find my DKFH2 dvd, and my band is going to record some demos in the studio tomorrow, using the programmed drums we've done to save dollars and time. To cut to the chase, the guy doing our stuff uses EZdrummer now, and I need the drum maps from DKFH2 for cubase so he can convert our tracks to use with EZdrummer, soooooooo if anyone on here has DKFH2 and can send me the I think 2 .drm files from the DKFH2 directory at bindingtheflesh @ gmail.com, that would be very very much appreciated.
  11. OLP. like the epiphone of musicmans and spector. http://www.olpguitars.com/bassmain.htm logo is changed now, but for instance, an older one http://namm.harmony-central.com/SNAMM03/Content/OLP/PR/Spector-Basses.html
  12. Nothing like the absolute overkill of a triple rectifier
  13. And for gods sake, make sure you get your synchronisation royalties. Do not sell exclusive rights, license it. Synchronisation royalties = big fucking money.
  14. Turn the gain and level to 0 on any channel you aren't using. I used to have this problem with my UB502. Shitty noisy preamps. edit: do not under any circumstances plug your amplifiers speaker output into anything other than a speaker cabinet. If it doesn't have a DI output or line out, don't do it.
  15. Do you just troll this board waiting for argitoth to post so you can roast him? I've read many of your responses to him, and I can't quite understand why you simply just don't post in his threads instead of making it your seeming mission in life to put him down every step of the way.
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