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    Hi! I'm sing and play in group "The Lyra Band"
    Please, visit us at:
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    Acoustic Guitar
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  1. Thanks a lot, Zircon! After ten years of recording songs, finally, I 've got universal step-by-step manual on how to do this right!!! Now I will try to read other Your manuals as soon as possible!
  2. Hi, I'm using Media Monkey to sort, tag and categorise my music collection. Main difference between there two programs is that Media Monkey have tree-folders view, what Itunes have not After I categorise new files and modify old ones, I run Itunes, delete old files by myself from Itunes library, add new and modified files, and then - sinc Itunes with Ipod. Also, I think about normal hdd player on the christmas Can You help me to choose one?
  3. I'm new on this site, and I like that moderators make such precautions against flame wars! Peace to all of You, brothers- and sisters- remixers!!!
  4. Hi to everyone! For long time I've been listener to all the amazing tracks from OCremix and Dwelling of Duels, and, finally, I concerned to join to all You, happy people! I want to start by taking part in Megaman 9 remix project, and, someday, to become a winner at DoD contest
  5. Good day, I'm new here, and want to take part in Megaman-9 remix

    I'd like to remix Flash in the Dark (Wily1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltslPAxbUsU

    What do You say?

    And, where I can post my compositsions that I already made?

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