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  1. I guess I worded it to seem that way, but I didn't really mean to. The idea of having other Warcraft games is appealing... but then it becomes more than just a few bonus tracks and more of a idea for another album or a 2nd disk. Hmmm... *ponders*
  2. Over the weekend the last track got claimed by DarkeSword... a OCR judge no less! Welcome aboard! Kinda crazy how I have a few remixers I've been a fan of for years on the project. I remember people like Vampire Hunter Dan and Ghetto Lee Lewis' music being some of the first remixes I really got into. I've been talking to each remixer personally about schedules and deadlines.. and other things I probably won't post on the progress page. At least not now. But the way things are looking, we'll be looking at around Fall to start wrapping things up. Just setting some expectations for any of you interested in the project! Some of the members have very busy schedules in the immediate future, and I decided delays are worth it to make sure everything is a high quality. I think thats especially important for a small and specialized album like this. When I was talking to various remixers about the project, a couple of them expressed interest but didn't make music in the right style. We talked a bit about Bonus tracks, and at the moment there will potentially be 2 non-instrumental bonus tracks on the album by Fishy and AkumajoBelmont. I'm not officially opening this up for the inclusion of MORE bonus tracks, but if anyone is interested in doing some Warcraft related remixes to be included in the project, then drop me a line. It might broaden the audience a bit if we do! Or it could totally ruin the feel of the album. I'm not really sure! Now I play the waiting game as people work on their tracks.
  3. Nice, solid album. It's something I can put on shuffle and listen to for a hour and not worry about hitting the "skip" button on my iPod. I'm not familiar with all of the Pokemon music, but I could definitely feel the vibe of the series throughout the entire thing. Good job everyone!
  4. I got my first sample in yesterday, so that means the album has officially started! Which means soon I'll transform the recruitment post into a progress page. I won't be posting updates aside from the WIP status and major milestones... but I'll probably me making comments on my Twitter page for anyone interested: http://twitter.com/#!/Joseph_LFrog Now everyone think positive thoughts so this project goes smoothly!
  5. Are you still deciding on a name? If you are, I wanna throw my suggestion of "Melodies of the Mist" (or "Melodies from the Mist") out there. Eagerly anticipating this album by the way! FF9 is one of my favorite Final Fantasy soundtracks. Very underrated!
  6. Just finished up this picture, I think fellow video game fans will enjoy it: Link to the orginal
  7. Update on the project: All 6 battle tracks have been claimed! That was original the goal of the album, so I'm glad I was able to fulfill that in a short amount of time. I think we have some quality people here, so I'm hoping to hear some good stuff in the coming weeks. I'm both eager and nervous about what I will hear...! Schedule wise we have some people who can work on stuff fairly soon, but some won't be free for a couple months. I'm working out some WIP deadlines for the different schedules. The priority of this album are the 6 battle tracks. However since starting it I took another good listen to some of the other songs. The Human and Orc Victory themes definitely have potential to be full blown tracks. Also, I think a good start to the album would be a melody of the "Intro", "Briefing," and "Title" screen mashed into one track. Although these songs aren't required to complete the album, I do think they could add some meat to the overall project. I've also been brainstorming album and track names. The plan is to still go with the "tell a story with the tone of the music" so I'm trying to reflect that in the names as well. My current thought is to title the album "The Age of Chaos," which was the name given of the conflict in Warcraft 1. Thanks to everyone who help get this off the around! And if you're interested in the other tracks, just let me know! - Joseph
  8. Like I mentioned, I heard elements that weren't. Its possible I mistook a collab track as a solo piece. Anyway, its' not your thing, and thats fine. (although acoustic guitars would be allowed if it fit the tone of the song) Again, thanks for responding!
  9. My apologies. I didn't see a "Contact Info" tab on your profile page. and the Send Message button would only let me post on your message wall. I just wanted to send something more private. I'm not sure what you're trying to say with your comment though. The idea is to make a arrangement of the old songs without using old Remix standbys such as techno or metal... or anything "modern." After listening to your stuff I thought maybe you fit that description because you had several mixes with other instruments, and you might want to try something more fantasy sounding. But maybe that's not your style, or I misjudged what it was. It won't work out if thats the case. Thanks for checking it out though!
  10. Yep! It's me. Well I didn't set a date because I wanted to see if there was any interest first. At the moment there's no WIP deadline. (I wanted to see peoples schedules first. If you're interested though, contact me and send me some prior works!
  11. I've had a couple recurring questions asked when talking to potential remixers, so I wanted to clear up a few things. 1) While the idea is to update the original Warcraft music, it can also be a arrangement. Like all good remixes, the more unique it sounds the better! Don't feel like you should stick 100% to the source material. Frankly, some of the tracks have areas that don't hold up... so improvements should be made! 2) The question of the genre of the album was brought up almost immediately when I asked my friend if he wanted to contribute to a track. He defiantly wanted to, and said "I bet I could add some cool modern techno elements to it." He assured me it wouldn't interfere with the theme of the album. He's going to have a basic WIP for me in "soon" so I can see what he's talking about. If the WIP sounds appropriate, I think I can give a little leeway for stuff like that. The premise remains to keep it as true to modern Warcraft as possible... but if you want to add a little electric guitar in there it probably won't break the feel. So I don't want to go back on my original idea, but at the same time i want to make sure I'm not being restrictive. We'll play it by ear! 3) As for a few things personal thoughts when listening to the tracks.... I feel "Human 2" has a lot of potential as a slower piece with strings, piano, and maybe even a organ near the end. "Human 3" could have some vocals, but not lyrical ones per say. More like the nonsensical choir that appear is a lot of WoW music. The feel of the barbaric nature of the Old Horde should be present in the "Orc" tracks. Wardrums and chanting and stuff like that. I'm not exactly sure which Orc track would benefit form this the most, but at least one should. It would be nice if each track gave off a different vibe as well. Like one is the "we're marching into battle!" theme for each race. Or a "This is our finest hour / last stand!" theme. Story-wise, the Humans are the losers and the Orcs raze their capital of Stormwind. It would be nice if the music reflected this in someway. Anyway, I hope to hear from more of you! At the moment I have 3 tracks potentially filled, with "Orc 1" being claimed by a friend.
  12. "The Age of Chaos" is a orchestral album based on the classic Blizzard RTS "Warcraft: Orcs & Humans." The goal of the album isn't to re imagine the games themes into other genres, but to update them so they wouldn't feel out of place in newer games in the series. No techno here folks! 9 total tracks are planned: the 6 battle themes, 2 of the unique victory themes, and the intro/title screen. The project is still in it's early stages, as show by this the progress below: Intro Melody Remixer: "gosugame" Track Name: "Prelude to War" Progress: WIP (Source) Human 1 Remixer: Peter Gresser Progress: WIP (Source) Orc 1 Remixer: Archangel Progress: WIP (Source) Human 3 - OPEN (Source) Orc 2 Remixer: "auzebaman05" Progress: WIP (Source) Human Victory Remixer: DarkeSword (Source) Orc 3 - OPEN (Source) Human 2 Remixer: dannthr (Source) Orc Victory - OPEN (Source) Bonus tracks! Bonus #1 Remixer: Fishy Bonus # 2 Remixer: Tentitive WIP date for nearly everybody: July 31st. The ordering of the tracks is my attempts to loosely fit the tone of the music with the basic plot of the game, while still alternating between the Orc and Human themes. That's the plan anyway... we'll see how it turns out. In the case of bonus tracks,.. I felt there were some remix ideas that fell outside the theme of the album, but still felt appropriate when taken in the context of Blizzard music. Plus I thought they would be fun! Just be careful if you play the completed album on shuffle. If the above list has any unclaimed tracks, feel free to contact me via a private message, e-mail (josephblanchette - at - gmail.com), AIM (brimfiremortis) or MSN (josephblanchette - at - live.com). Or you can just say hello and show your support. Also, if you're a skilled artist that can do realistic or serious art, we'll be needing a album cover in the future! - Joseph
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