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  1. by a cd from target or walmart or the wherehouse or something in the sounds of nature series and there should be one fo them to do with wind and then just rip the audio. As soon as I get my new computer this is the route im going to go and im gonna have samples up the wazoo as far as nature sounds and animals and thunder and water and etc
  2. I think you are thinking of the coarse knobs (when you say that only go by semitones). The coarse is what you can adjust to make one oscillator a semitone, tone, to an octave or two higher... The fine tuning works with cents, far less than a basic coarse adjuster. Fine tuning tunes in degrees smaller than note of a single note distance. If you wanted to do what you just described you would still move each note up one half step (440 to 476, 220 to 238) but for the oscillator of the 238 you can adjust the fine tuning to reach values of each hz inbetween that and the next semi tone. Fine tuning i
  3. are you looking for a woodblock you can pitch up and down? You'd probably be able to do this if you just find a wav sample of a woodblock and just pitch it how you want. If you can't find a good sample, then go to hammersound and check through a lot of the drumkits (i dont mean just look for a woodblock drumkit, i mean look at the regular drumkits that may have woodblocks in them) until ou find a good sounding woodblock then make a single strike of the block at like 280 bpm so you can get a short sample (should give a smaller file size this way) and just export it to wav and use it this way. (
  4. cant you do that with fine tuning? (not trying to sound smart assed or anything, but is this what you mean?)
  5. i do believe there were some fonts at hammersound... people really should at least try to look for sounds before requesting them... i cant believe somoene actually requested a nice piano on here a page back lol, if you dont find what you want at hammersound check google. I know theres a like 120 meg piano font floating around the net. I really miss the soundsite though, that was my friggin heaven. The best soundfont site that ever existed I wish i could find an archive or something from them.
  6. I was messing around with ovation the other day and it is very good. all you need is the proper eq, reverb, and velocity adjustments and note placement (i get the feeling most of the bad reviews are from the people who would write a guitar chord with every note hit at once and shit like that lol) You just have to think about how it would sound if you were actually playing the song on a guitar. how your hand would hit harder on the bass strings on the way down and harder on the high strings (and missing the low strings practically) on the way up. Strumming... hahaha... good luck, but it can be
  7. yeah, i think it was beatdrop who mentioned mutant koto in the original thread where the guy asked for ethnic vst's. He didnt have the link so I just found it and threw it in the post. I am pretty sure he mentioned mutagene making it too. I think analoq should make some vst's. He seems to be "one of" the most knowledgable people on the site when it comes to synthesis.
  8. I really like the feel of egokiller for old school sounds. Like so > I have made a lot of old school synths while messing around with egokiller. I rarely use oldschool stuff so I dont have any other samples, but if you want old school bass patches you can work something out with this and its fairly user friendly. Not too much to control but enough to make it versatile. And yeah, fm7 is what everyone says for old school shit, so take zircons advice.
  9. COPY FROM THREAD ABOUT ETHNIC VST'S... You should probably be more specific than ethnic instruments... are you looking for percussive, pitched percussive, plucked, blown, bowed, etc? If you want some plucked instrument sound you can get the slayer 2 vst which has a preset for a sitar which you can alter to get other similair instrument sounds from it. Its not the best for modeling guitar (well i guess its probably one of the best in the market, but its nothing compared to the real thing) but for other picked/plucked instruments you may find a good use for it. http://www.kvr-vst.com/get/245.htm
  10. I very much enjoyed this piece, seriously this is going to get a ton of play by me in the future. The only thing i dont like is the sorta high hatty sound i hear like at 0:23 (this is the best example because the sound actually occurs when no notes are playing. I dont know what this is, maybe just recording fuzz, but it really got annoying to me). Then there are sudden bassy plunks like at 0:27 which dont happen to often and i know this is just due to the bass notes in the piano but it still kinda got to me. But like I said, I enjoyed this piece on many levels... musically, mentally, emotional
  11. This might have been answered in the beginning of the thread because this was the reason for my first post in it and started the whole thread, lol. I remember someone linked me to one, but I didnt like it that much.
  12. the sounds are just quiet in squidfont from what I remember. Throw on a compressor with no compression at all and just up the amp until the sounds to the level you want
  13. I dont even remember saying that, lol... I have been sick for a few days, i might have been out of it. I would normally not try and describe the way an lfo works or what its purpose is. I understand it but I know I can't explain it... so my trying to was pointless and i really dont know what i tried for.
  14. so your looking for help with fruityloops? Instead of reading 6 pages, read just one, the page that has all the topics for remix 101 in it oh yeah, and then when you find the fruityloops 101 thread... Then you have like a thousand pages to read, heh, good luck
  15. A wah effect can be produced in multiple ways actually. The most effective, from my personal experience, is have an envelope adjusting the cutoff and reson, and you can even adjust the amp if you want the Wah to come out from no sound, or if you want sound that wahs through. Basically work with your cut off envelope and get a decent wah sound then fiddle with the reson and amp a bit and the cutoff some more. This method works for the type of wah sound I like...
  16. http://www.kvr-vst.com/get/871.html http://www.kvr-vst.com/get/1138.html ($25) Might find something useable in this http://www.kvr-vst.com/get/465.html Thats all I can really find right now, I had to go through he quick list on the right, I cant seem to find anyhting using their new search system.
  17. Play with your eq my friend, youd be surprised what you can do. Also, the reason for ska sounding so different is the way its played. Ska is meant to sound live. Unless your really recording its gonna be a tough challenge. If you want your brass to sound a little honkier (that obnoxiousness) you may want to try boosting the 250 hz range a bit. At least, thats if i remember right. Also, you can try adding slight flange or chorus or something like that to give it a slightly more human feel. Get used to editing the amp envelopes from note to note. Ska is just waaaay to real to easily recreate dig
  18. This man speaks the turht, as youve all probably already seen, ive recomended this series already. The compressor is one of the best compressor utilities ive used and it is very user friendly yet powerful. If you want a compressor for single instruments, this is it, and i even use it for that final export when i need to just level things out a little more... A multi band compressor would probably work better for finished mixes but i think this is just fine for my tastes and my personal sound. Also, i find the classic reverb to sound very very clean and full, and very very very effective on rea
  19. its when a squid passes gas or it could be when you write with the ink of a squid
  20. Heres a new egokiller demo. I think analoq will like this one, because when i hear the main synth i used it just makes me think of synths i have heard analoq use before, not this exact kind, but similair styling. I dont know, i just thought of analoq when i made this. The sounds in this fit together a lot better than the other egokiller deom mixes, and this one has some processing done to it and a much much better drumset and melodic value. In my opinion this is a very nice synth... I tried saving the preset but fruitydemo didnt let m
  21. I have noticed a lot of sample based vst's sound like crap. There are some nice ones like sampletank (though ive never used it and have no idea of its editability or anything like that) and a couple others. ooooh, like the ummm... the series of sampled vst's with a rhodes piano one, a piano, electric piano, and a bass guitar... thats it, its bugging me (looks for the name) Ok, found it, the 4front series found here>>> http://www.yohng.com/ Maybe the stringer was just updated or something because when i go to kvr to see whats new, i set the search to show the most recently added stuff
  22. Has anyone had a chance to try out the new stringer vst over at kvr? I was wondering if it sounds pretty nice because it doesnt look too editable and i imagine if it has crappy sounds to start off with then you would just be editing crap (like the wombat solina series vst's IMO).
  23. Heres another demo type thing for egokiller. So far you can tell its pretty good for dirty bass synths and detuned stuff. The cleaner sounds are pretty hard to produce especially since if you have the built in distortion turned all the way down you hardly hear anything. This time i used multiple types of oscillators. For the lead, glassy, synth i used the doublesine for the main and sub oscillator. (i probably might have had a bit cleaner sound for that lead had I used no sub oscillator, oh well). For anyone who has used egokiller, what
  24. most of them used saws and pulse/saw oscillators. I didnt really mean to make this to show off the synth or anything, I was just messing around and made that lead melody and rather liked it so i just added stuff to see hwo it would sound in a mix so I just rhew random crap into it so i can mess with egokiller some more. I was bored and just wanted to make sounds. I plan on making a demo for egokiller that actually is meant to be a demo. After "Ego Killer" I am going to do a pentagon demo because I really like that synth generator, if not that then I am going to make one for "Triangle II" or ma
  25. I was bored the other night and made this... every sound you hear except the drums was made with egokiller (which i talked about earlier in the thread). I think I used six egokillers in this and part way through just changed octaves or pitches for certain ones. This is basically to show a little of what the synth can do, dont think everything you make will sound this dirty, I didnt use a single bit of processing (no eq, no reverb, any delay was from the synth itself) the only thing i did was threw a light limiter on to the master fx channel.
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