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  1. I'm really hoping virt doesn't make a fool out of himself with his contributions.
  2. Ys II - action RPG, very innovative for its time Solstice - isometric action game with puzzles, hope you like map making! Sweet Home - survival horror RPG Fire 'N Ice - addictive puzzle game
  3. I've noticed more than a couple rap haters praising this track already, and I'm here to join their ranks. Most hip-hop/rap doesn't do it for me because of two things: 1) stupid lyrics, and 2) nonexistant or boring harmony. Instead of rapping about bitches and booze, DCT wisely chooses a subject much more original and fun to listen to: music. The quality of the rapping itself is fantastic. Just Us is smooth and professional sounding, although it's a bit hard to understand at times. I never thought I'd like an Ice Cap remix this well. I don't hate it because it's been done to death (lots of othe
  4. "Compression of Time". Given that I usually prefer more upbeat and varied remixes, this one was a pleasant surprise. Despite the general lack of original composition, I love the instrumentation (yeah, it almost fools you into thinking it's a real orchestra) and the clever ways that Sefiros disguises the original tune. Speaking of the original tune, this was an absolute gem of a choice. FF8 has a lot of great material out there, and I'm glad to see people reminding us of the lesser-known songs. Just goes to show that you don't need to be drastic to make a good remix. Sometimes all it takes is
  5. I hope people learned a valluable lesson: tags and filenames on kazaa are not to be trusted (if they are even tagged at all).
  6. Great guide, hornpipe! I've recently become very interested in ReMixing, and your guide has helped inspire me to get started. I'll probably take it slow with a MIDI composer or something like that. I have a question, though: are there good free programs like the ones you listed for Linux? I dual-boot on my machine, so it's no biggie to go with Windows stuff, but I do all my other stuff (email, browsing, IRC) in Linux so it's preferable. And the advantage to registering GoldWave is that you aren't limited in the number of actions you can take per session. The "toll" thing at the bottom of
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