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  1. Good, The Intro kinda confused me when I had my volume down but when I cranked it, I realized exactly what he said. Even though It wasn't hard to understand. But With that small little personal touch, It gives this Mix a more homely feel, at least to me personally. Other than that I like the mix as a whole, gotta love Cid's Theme. ~*~Strider~*~
  2. Woo! *Does a little dance.* This is great! I love this mix, It gets me in a good mood evertime I listen to it since it's so funny! ~*~Strider~*~
  3. Hardest Boss? Well...Let's see, I do believe there is only ONE boss I have yet to conquer. Heh, I'd have to say OMega Weapon off of Final Fantasy 8. If any of you have ever fought against this Tyrant. You'd know how much of a Pain he is. Final Fantasy 8 was my first Final Fantasy, Besides 3, So...I was just getting intune with RPG's. So, I am still trying to beat him. Even with Maxed out stats. 255 On almost all of my stats. Building up Irvine, Squall, and Zell. Unleashing Mega-COmbo's form Zell Averaging around LEt's see...5,000 Damage per hit mainly, hitting around 30 hits per combo(I practiced too much...Hitting only two easy combos alot.) So that's 150,000 Per Limit Break. Squall's LionHeart, Averaging around..I dunno. Well, I think he's the worst because...Terra Break! Argh! *Runs off in torment of the mentioning of Terra Break* ~*~Strider~*~
  4. Wow...Uhm...What should I say...I have no idea what the original title is, But for a guy singing a woman's lead, DjP, Your pretty darned good. I actually like your mix ALMOST as much as the original. Sorry Pal, But you just can't muster up to a woman's talent. But...I really liked it. ~*~Strider~*~
  5. Wow, This one touched me. I love it, Absolutely love it. One of the best Remixes I've heard so far off of this site. Actually, I was messing around on my computer and even went as far as splitting clips from Final Fantasy 7/8 To make a music Video out of it, Ha Ha Ha, Way to go Ryu7x, I hope there are more like this coming soon! ~*~Strider~*~
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