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  1. hehehe, whaaaaat?

    What are you doing Maty? What do you do for living? miau?

  2. hehehehe, so i'm special now

  3. Hello Maty, how are you? Thanks for your comment, miau!

  4. Hahaha, I didn't know that here was too many CT remixes. This is my second remix, I'm open to opinions for improve it Thanks! The audio: http://www.milkywaywishes.herograw.n...nt%20Light.mp3
  5. Does someone use parallel desktops (windows in mac)? And windows live msn in it? I have problems with the microphone of the macbook for videocalling
  6. Sure, no problem :)

  7. Thank you so much Coop! You really help me a lot... thanks!

  8. Hahaha, cool, I'm living in San Diego now

  9. O_O, hablas espanol... de donde eres?

  10. I asked about YOU, are you ok??

  11. Can I know what happen with you???

  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... He dies??? Mmmmm
  13. Waaaaaaaaaa, I hate you! You scared me! T_T I had the highest volume in the headphones. I am working in the same theme . I like that in the 1:52 to 2:56. I think you have to work harder
  14. Great, thank you! Yes, it's my first mix, I'll work hard! ... I love the heart out of time, cause it's like mine (i have arrhythmia) . I don't know anything about Remixes, I always do originals, so... I didn't know I could add some new cat-things, I'll next time. Thank you again ^^
  15. Let me know your opinion Thanks for listening (and watching) Just the music: http://milkywaywishes.herograw.net/musiccat/mix.mp3
  16. ooooh, yes, of course I know, don't worry.

  17. hahaha, ok, so you don't like cats, ah?

  18. Do you know someone in Brisbane? That would be perfect

  19. ooooh, ok, thank you. I'm going to James Cook, I think... or maybe Griffit

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