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  1. kinda figured that would be the case... okay I'll look into these. Thanks.
  2. So I'm not sure if this is the right place for this or not... but I have recently found the album that was made for the Megaman Games "Chip Tuned Rockman" I don't have it myself, but I would be interested in getting it... I have heard a few of the songs from it and it sounds neat. If there are any places where I can find it for download or if anybody knows about it, I would be very thankful, unless it is only an album that can be purchased, then I'll just figure out a way to get it on my own. Thanks.
  3. Okay so I'm not sure where to post this officially, so if a moderator on the forums want to help me by putting this into the area where it should go that would be great... Anyways onto what I'm going for, this was not created by me... so yeah I just found this on youtube and thought it needed some serious looking into, and appraisal. It is actually quite nice what the artists did with these songs. So I wanted to see what everyone here thinks of it. Thanks, and once again I didn't make this. Check it out, you'll enjoy it even if you don't like jazz.
  4. Awesome stuff from Willrock! This is also one of my fave themes from the Zelda series... As for the mix really awesome and I could even tell the hints of other artists from this site that this would have probably been influenced by... Great job.
  5. Well the name was wrong but I get the picture... The last few rounds for me have been difficult for to decide on... but I think I know who I'm voting for ... So difficult...
  6. Well... I'm not a remixer at all.... and I don't plan on doing so at any time soon... but I'm going to go ahead and wish all the participants that have entered thus far good luck and I can't wait for this to start.
  7. any news on the Maverick stats... I'm not in a rush or anything... just wanting to know if there's any updates... Also Willrock... tht mix is amazing, and I do get what your saying about the whole Flashman deal, personally I don't really care to much... great mix.
  8. I don't know the status of this but I think that OA and Gecko with might be entered into the Revenge stuff... Not sure though, but from what I remember OA won his last revenge round by default and from what has happened in previous revenge rounds Gecko might make an appearance as well... I guess we`ll just have to wait for what officially happens from DS....
  9. This has nothing to do with the Solar Man Theme but I would like to see a Nitro Man Theme mix. Thanks.
  10. Oh man... I really wish that Ralphis finished his work... it sounds good, it was just starting to get Stone Man pumped and ready to go for the battle, if the Bubble Segment was thrown in there it would have been awesome... Oh well, a good run for you man...
  11. Amazing job well done on this mix.... It can get a bid repetitive at times... but after a while you get used to it... Very well done!
  12. Hmmm... Never thought about those other themes.... to be honest... Glad that there is some other support out there for the Persona games...
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