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    Big fan of Mega Man and Zelda music. Looking to learn how to remix outside of Garageband, interested in pursuing vocal work for tenor range.
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  1. Hey are you guys planning on doing anything Saturday? I won't be able to make it to the panel on Sunday but it'd be really cool to meet you all.
  2. I dont know how I'm going to put my face back together after Sixto just melted it off. Seriously though, this remix is insane, nice work
  3. Hey guys, any update on the status of this project? I was really looking forward to hearing it all, especially after those great teaser clips.
  4. heya, thanks! glad you liked my GRMB entry :D

    unfortunately i have a lot of other mixes on my plate taking precedence (otherwise i would have participated in the revenge bracket), and i don't really have any plans to develop the piece further.. but again, i am glad you liked it, and i hope you enjoy my upcoming works as well!

  5. Hey Halc,

    Any chance youre going to finish the Time Man remix? I'm personally a big fan of the theme and really liked where you were going with it.

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