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  1. LOL so sorry posted on the wrong profile XD

  2. Like yer stuff :) just checked you out

  3. hey buddy hope you been keeping well? :D also check out my latest wip, i think ive gotten better? :)

  4. I just want to thank you again for your advice! I wish I had someone like you on hand to help me along the way! :) Also I havent had a chance to listen to your remixes, BUT I will, in but a moment :D

  5. Yeah, I have another i just put up. theres a few other on my youtube channel as well :)

    Rozovian seems very helpful! Im hoping to meet alot of helpful people on this site, imma gunna check out yer stuff right away! :D

  6. Ha, glad Im not alone then :D Do you have anything up on the site yet? wips? finished pieces?

  7. Tydin

    Thanks a ton for the friend request! Thefirst of many Im hoping :D

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