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  1. This was one of my favorites from the album, as well. I can't quite explain it but at both 2:30 and 2:58 it feels like the mix could very easily and seamlessly transition into Boomer Kuwanger's theme, which only endears me even more to this mix. Keep it up!
  2. I can't explain it, but I get a distinct "Sonic the Hedgehog" feeling when I listen to this. One of the best from the album, keep it going!
  3. Assuming he didn't stop vocal training, I think it would be pretty cool to hear Darangen redo his own song with a stronger lyrical performance. I love the song and lyrics, so it would be pretty sweet to hear an "upgraded" version. It's been quite some time since this mix was posted, anyhow. If you're reading this, Darangen, I meant this in the most positive way possible!
  4. This song really hit home because of some recent things going on. Thank you for putting such a situation into words. Well done.
  5. I'm glad somebody finally did this source! In my humble opinion, there are times where the musical lines run into each other (~0:22-0:30 for instance) and it sounds a bit unorganized. Also, it may be a personal preference, but that pizzicato chord sound just sounds out of place with the heavy guitars. The feel may be improved if you explored using some other sort of texture for those chords. One final thing, the work doesn't really expand on the source, and while I do appreciate the sound update, there isn't much "ReMixing" going on. I hope my feedback is helpful! Once again, I'm pleased somebody else took up the task of using this source, UN squadron has some great music. Best wishes!
  6. I heard the acoustic version of this...and I have to say, these guys are the real deal. I personally like the acoustic version better, just because it conveys airman's sadness remarkably well, but you really can't go wrong with either of these works. Good job, Megas! I hope you guys make an acoustic version of each album you release, the vocal work is really solid and I love the harmonies you guys throw down.
  7. I didn't know what to expect when I saw it was an acoustic mix, but this definitely gave me chills as I listened to it. One of the only things I didn't like was the end narrative; I mean, I enjoyed the epilogue of the story, but my own personal preference would be to have it sung lyrically, like the rest of it, like in a more minor key or something. But really and truly, that's all I took exception to, everything else was pretty darn awesome. I'm definitely checking out The Megas, I really enjoyed this concept.
  8. Actually, there have been a few ReMixes with this song. It's named "Windmill hut" here. http://ocremix.org/quicksearch/remix/?qs_query=windmill+hut Back on topic... You have a lot going on in this one. For some reason, the "Go Link" section just doesn't sit well with me, it could just be personal preference. Also, there are times when you have many parts flying around in the higher register, and during these times the sound can get a bit piercing. You did have clever use of game sounds, and I like how you used them to form another melodic line. It's really not bad, I'd like to hear this later on. I hope I helped.
  9. Hello everyone, First, I must apologize for never introducing myself before. I'm pretty shy, even on a web forum. Go figure. Alright, so. My name is Ramon, and I've been a lurker for about 5/6 years.I've always had the desire to become a member of the OCReMix community, but I could never get myself to go through with it. So, a few months ago I finally decided that it was time for me to at least try instead of sitting back and wondering "if". And here we are. I hope that, even if I never get anything posted, I can help others improve their work. Cheers.
  10. I have to echo Rozovian here, the piece is really loud. It's also only one dynamic level throughout the entire mix; maybe explore expression through dynamics? I know this is a WIP, but variation in volume can do wonders. It also seems really, really top heavy. In other words, it's like a car stereo with the treble on 8 and the bass on -5. It might help if your bass and rhythm lines to move into a lower octave. I hope this helps out. Good luck!
  11. I laughed at the opening hit, and went straight into bouncing to the beat. I even let out an audible "aww" when it cuts short. Finish this please, it's dripping with late 80's influence!
  12. I'd like to thank you asking those questions in the "Attempting to Understand the Reality of Audio Production". I had more or less the same concerns, but didn't have the courage (or the wherewithal) to ask. So...thank you.

  13. I don't know why, but from 3:45 until the end, I always feel like I'm going somewhere really intense, with the wind blowing through my hair. I love that feeling, and I love this remix. I'm really happy it was realized for Serious Monkey Business.
  14. Would anyone happen to know where I could find a good soundfont/VSTi of a harmon mute trumpet? Most of the things I've found in my searches have been really poor "trumpets".
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