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  1. Can a brother get whitelisted up in this? I vouch for me. Minecraft Username: DevonRiley
  2. Oh yeah boyeee! DJ Crono in da hizz-ouse! Once again, another triumph for DJ Crono. A great new take on an awesome song. I especially loved the part at around 2:21 which kind of reminded me of Jimmy Urine from MSI. I think the whole DJ Crono shout is great. Keep doin' whatcha' doin' big guy. ~Malefactor
  3. Sheal Riley, I am your biggest fan. I know the words to every one of you’re songs. You rock hard like a mullet! If I were a gay man, I'd sex you up... and we'd make lil'Shael clone babies. They're names would be Groin, Groiny, Groinetta, and Mathew G. Riley. Guess what the G stands for. It stands for Gus! Wait... what did you think it stood for? Honestly. You'd think you’re future gay husband would know his youngest child's middle name.
  4. What a Groov-tacular mix! Great job Draggor! This mix makes me smile, and best of all, it makes me DANCE!!! Surfs up!
  5. I've gotta hand it to ya Shael, this Remix really touched me. It brought me back to the old days of watching my brother and his friends play NES as I lay on the couch and watched. I especially love the chipy "commodore 64" feel, and how the watery sounds under the mechanical percussion emulates the feel of a flooded basement . Even though it's not a song that would get me to stand up and shake my groove thang, I would definitely recommend it to anybody who would plugging in their old NES just to listen to the title screen music. Two cheers fo Shael! Hurrah, Hurrah!
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