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  1. I played around with some different options for the 3:47 section that Wiesty mentioned because I completely agreed that the song was losing momentum there.


    I ended up recording a bit of a guitar solo for it but honestly I'm having trouble determining whether it fits the track well or not. I'm not exactly a great guitarist or soloist. Any feedback on this would be very helpful.


    Solo starts at around 4:04.



  2. Thanks Vidilian.

    I've worked on this some more and am actually pretty happy with how it's coming along. I'm still not 100% on the introduction of the vocals at 2:36 -- after I first recorded them they struck me as sort of jarring and unexpected -- but I've become so accustomed to them that I can't really accurately judge anymore.

    I'm pretty happy with the rest of it though. I think I'll give it one or two more passes before calling it finished but I'd love to hear some more opinions on what might be improved before I do.


  3. 44 minutes ago, wildfire said:

    I thought In Yer Castle was a better arrangement of the 3 sources (especially Inner Halls, I had a hell of a time integrating that one), but I voted for myself because :P 

    I really like your arrangement of the other two sources though. Especially the way you treated the piano part from Inner Quarters -- I have not been able to integrate it that cleanly into my mixes!

  4. Say the basis of a remix is based on a single source, but it includes a guitar solo which contains bits from other sources. Would I need to include the additional sources under "Name of individual song(s) arranged", or could I just mention them in the comments section?

    I'm asking because in my case these sources do not contribute to the overall structure of the mix and it would feel strange to me to have them link to the track when they only appear as references.

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