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  1. Thanks for the kind words and giving me your justifiable first place vote oh yes, OH YES :tomatoface:

    As for the volume drop-off, I did it on purpose with automation. I thought the volume on the vocals by themselves was too loud. It might have just been my headphones auto-correcting the difference in volume. I'll take another look at it before I sub to OCR.

    This is something I noticed too, but I thought it was an intentional attempt to mimic the lyrics (falling and dying). I thought it was pretty cool actually :).

  2. This reminds me, for a while now I've wanted to start a thread on OCR about production found in music by popular artists (in any genre). For example, I post a song by, say, Armin van Buuren and ask people what they thought about the production; or maybe even an alt rock band or hip hop or whatever. It would be best executed if I could keep the actual artist a secret until people posted their thoughts and then I would do the big reveal, saying something like "well did you know you've been posting so many critical things about [big name artist]???"

    I've totally thought about doing that too ^_^.

    I wouldn't though.

  3. Don't get me wrong - I'll give any genre a go, but I know a lot of people who don't care for specific genres and as soon as they knew what kind of song it was, they sadly won't give it much of a chance.

    For sure, that's who my response was directed at. Obviously people are going to have preferences, I just think it's a good idea to keep as open a mind as possible when it comes to music (...well and everything else :-D).

  4. I agree that genre will have a direct effect on voting. For example, if someone hates hip-hop, it doesn't matter how awesome the track is, they ain't going to like it or vote for it. Someone's dislike for a genre really can't be blamed on the producer.


    I would seriously urge people to try and enjoy new things instead of automatically dismissing something based on genre. Personally I'm not a big fan of hip hop, but I always give it a try if I hear it in one of these competitions (or anywhere, really) and I actually really like a lot of tracks, from OCR especially, that are in genres I don't usually care for.

    In fact I never say that I hate an entire music genre, because I seriously doubt that there you could find me a genre that I hate everything about.

  5. Just needed to say that it's a "perfect fifth" though. "Perfect" applies to fourths and fifths, and "Parallel" applies to thirds.

    I just worked on my entry on my own, and sent to my team members for feedback once.

    You can have parallel fifths. Parallel just means that there are multiple fifths, fourths, thirds, etc. in a row.

    By the way, there's nothing inherently wrong with Parallel fifths. Most of the time people will tell you not to use them if you're writing counterpoint, but even then it's your choice. In modern music parallel fifths are used quite frequently.

  6. Round 2's remixes are up. Remember guys, voting ends on Saturday at 6PM EDT. Yesterday's voting extension was a one-time thing. Don't count on it happening again.

    Btw, I still don't see where this is written in the rules...maybe I'm completely missing it, but I can kind of understand why people thought they had an extra day last week.

    I've created a #wcrg IRC channel on Feel free to join and use it as a base for listening parties, remix discussion, etc.

    Also, I forget how this works...could someone explain how to access it?

  7. Man. Once the next block rolls around, I really need to figure out a way to teach some of you guys about identifying the keys of the songs you're remixing and putting both tracks in the same key for your remix. Also need to get some of you guys past just doing two separate remixes and tacking them together; remember, the goal is to make one cohesive song. Someone unfamiliar with the sources should not really be able to tell that you remixed two piece of music together.

    I want this year's WCRG to be a lot more educational. Maybe a bunch of us (noobs and vets alike) can all sit down in a Google Hangout during round 4 and talk about arrangement techniques, sort of a Wily Castle Master Class. Interested?

    I'd be interested.

    To be fair, thinking in keys can sometimes be limiting and it's not always necessary to stay strictly in one key, however if you don't know the theory behind it all you should probably learn how to compose/arrange in one key before getting more creative.

  8. Week 1 Reviews...thanks to everyone for the feedback so far. The drums definitely weren't my strong point this week; I was trying something very new and I probably could have done a lot better if I'd had more time to play around with them.

    Bubbleman's Beach: I really like the writing in this, but I wasn't really hearing any integration of the 2 sources. Sample quality/humanization was a small issue, but it was mostly the percussion that I think needs to be stronger.

    Gravity Bandits: Love the sax but it could have used a lot more humanization. There was also some muddiness, especially toward the end, and the Pirate Island source didn't mesh very well.

    Space Pirate Attack: Cool arrangement with some interesting sounds. I really like how you incorporated the sources. The false ending is a little weird, but I do like the change up.

    Literally Metal Pirates: Fantastic use of both's Ben Briggs so I was expecting a pretty solid arrangement. Some people seemed to dislike the emphasis on high mids/treble, but that really doesn't bother me.

    The Magical Skull Land: Sources are used well. Soundscape is pretty thin and the synths could be more interesting though.

    Get the Candle for Fireballs: Love the lyrics so much! The sources are integrated very well; It's hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.

    Electric Dust Milliquivalent: Really cool arrangement. Strings and choir sounded really fake, and I think this could have been hid a little bit by reducing the reverb. 1:48 is awesome!

    Space Plunder: I like the writing. Felt as though it could have been filled out a bit more with some additional synths and more expression. The change ups you did to Pirate Island are really nice but the source sounds rather out of place in the mix.

    Spicy Rum, Warm Beach and Hot Booty: Definitely need to watch which key you're in. There are some good ideas here, but you need to work on fleshing them out and filling out the soundscape a lot more.

    Captain Hook's Splash Fiction: Good stuff! The second half is a lot more interesting than the first. The steel drums sound really cool played along with the chippy stuff.

    Jack Sparrow the Funky Pharaoh: Really great writing, I like the juxtaposition of the E. piano/piano and the instrumentation complements the song really well.

    Shadedog the Beached Surfer Boss: As a Folk Metal fan, I like the arrangement a lot. Definitely not what I was expecting from the intro. Everything sounds very pushed back in the mix except for the synth and drums. I would have liked things to be more upfront and less muddy. The “real” instruments need a lot of work to sound convincing, although maybe they were supposed to sound like a keyboard.