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  1. Direct Sound worked! I thought I'd need ASIO because it said so in the first post, thanks a ton. One little problem I have is that items in the demo were saved by extensions I don't have, and I can't tell which extensions they are :/

    Also, I'm still not sure if this is the right program for me. I don't intend to record anything, and I'm also not too interested in techno-sound and synthesizers. Is this still the best program for me right now?

    You need ASIO if you're going to be doing any real-time recording, but for everything else Direct Sound is fine.

    I'm not really sure what you would use the program for if you're not going to be recording or using synths...what do you want to do?

  2. Am I the only person that hated it?

    I thought it was full of plot holes, there were so many points where the characters just seemed to make rediculous decisions just so it would add to the action. I really didn't like the Mandarin plot and felt cheated by it, and that Guy Pearce's character was far too generic and had been done before in the first two films.

    And I know most people loved the comedy side of things, but I felt it was all just too much and became very cringeworthy very early on (don't get me started on the kid).

    Haven't left the cinema so dissapointed for a long time

    Yup, me too.

    To be fair I enjoyed most of it while I was watching, but by the time it was over I was really disappointed by how much of a mess it all was. They gave pretty much no indication of any of the character's motivations, and, partly as a result, the plot just didn't make any sense.

    I mean seriously. What the fuck were any of the villains trying to accomplish?

  3. I use free samples from which is a collection of samples recorded by a whole bunch of different people, mostly for metal/rock. You have to go through and find what you like (some of the samples aren't so good), but there's plenty to choose from and they sound really good layered.

    One thing I've been looking for is free cymbal choke samples. It's a shot in the dark, but does anyone know of any?

  4. I usually feel that the negatives outway the positives on the "classic" FF games. Really the only ones I like are 1 and 9.

    I also kind of like 10, but it does have some massive flaws that bring down the enjoyment level for me.

    12, apart from the plot, is fantastic. I don't care what anyone says.

    Anyway, as a response to the question of why we forgive older games for having flaws, but not newer ones, I'd say that flaws don't make or break a game. My favorite games actually tend to have massive flaws, but if the pros outway those then it just doesn't matter. I don't play many modern games but I imagine my response would be the same regardless of when the game was made.

    Of course if game developers continue to have the same flaws in their games over and over than it makes sense to criminalize the newer games while still respecting the old ones; ie. they didn't know any better back then but they do now so said flaws should have been fixed.

  5. Only Children of Mana here. It's really bad, but I just can't get rid of it...

    Scott Pilgrim on the movie side.

    O_o. What?

    I'm no hipster, but I actually did hate the Dark Knight Rises once I got over its hype and realized that the plot was just stupid. Not only that, but Tom Hardy was god awful as Bane and the character of Catwoman was totally useless to the film's story for the most part. You could have took her right out of the story and it would have made no difference.

    Agree completely. I'm still baffled by how many people claim to like the plot.

  6. If you're a metal music fan, there is probably no way you haven't heard about this by now:

    I honestly think this is gonna go down as the most "holy shit" moment in metal music since Dimebag Darrell. Sounds like the cops really have a strong case against him.

    Thoughts on this developing story?

    Yeah, this was really wtf...

    With something like that it's pretty unlikely that the police were wrong, but he's pleading not guilty...

    Well I guess you never know :whatevaa:.

    I haven't actually heard any of the band's music, so I don't really have an emotional reaction on that level. Any fans?

  7. I'm now expecting the CDs arrive in the post along with a letter from DJP announcing Zircon will never work with this site again as commercial interests have forever driven a wedge between any future collaboration :roll:

    EDIT: Only just discovered now that Olzen's left...

    Following Roy Khan leaving Kamelot last year that's 2 of my favorite bands down a singer (haven't heard the new album yet).

    On the flip side Avantasia just released something and I completely missed that until ten seconds ago. :)

    Yeah, it's the whole Annette thing that really bothers me. I mean we've been given nothing about why the split happened. And it was in the middle of a tour too. What the hell? There's something wrong with the way that band works, and yet they make such amazing music :(.

    The new guy is actually good. He tries to sounds like Khan. The album is better than Poetry, which was tired and dragging.

    Yeah he is good, they actually have very similar voices. I disagree about the album though; Poetry is one of my favorites (although it took some getting used to) and I find the new album completely uninteresting.