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  1. Yo mindwanderer or anyone who is more updated than I am. I'd Like to know a fun fact about previous episodes. Has any song made for this competition yet passed the panel?

    None of the ones I was a part of, though considering I haven't submitted any of them that's not surprising :-P.

    Anyway that sucks about your entry Tuberz, it's really good.

    BTW, both of the sources you linked to are the same, any chance you could post the other one?

  2. Mass Effect 2.

    When I first played the original Mass Effect, I couldn't get into it at all. Everything about it was clunky and awkward. The voice acting, the equipment menus, the controls, everything.

    When I picked up Mass Effect 2, I found that literally ALL of these issues had been fixed. The engine, the menus, the voice acting, the body language of the characters, EVERYTHING was so much tighter and more fluid and more natural, and so I could really get into the game. I loved it so much that I went back and gave ME1 another try, and finally finished it, and even though I still don't actually like ME1, I'm glad that ME2 convinced me to give it another go and see it all the way through, if only so I could have Wrex alive in ME2 and ME3.

    Also, I fucking loved ME3. Fuck the haters; a half hour of mediocre writing at the end does not in any way devalue the 20 hours of fantastic writing and gameplay that precedes it.

    This makes me think of Kingdom Hearts. I didn't like the original much at all (clunky and annoying) but I liked KHII a lot more. Story and gameplay were integrated much better, the action menu didn't suck and lots of little changes made it so much more enjoyable.

  3. I don't have it but I was also looking into it for a while and it's definitely a VST.

    I think they originally developed for finale, but as far as I know finale uses VSTs anyway.

    Supports all popular formats, Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plug-in (VST, RTAS, and OSX Audio Units), works with supported notation programs and works in 64-bit operating systems (Windows only).
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