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  1. Kuolema: Where I see the biggest improvement over your older work is that this does a much better job of keeping the listener entertained, mixing things up. It still does get a little monotonous in places, though. The equalization is also an improvement over your older pieces; this is much cleaner, with less instrumental overlap and less muddiness on the guitar. Harmony could stand a little improvement; it seems off where it takes center stage in 2:55-3:11. The piece does have something in common with "Distorted Star," in that they both mix electric guitar and "classic" acoustic instruments (Celtic in your case, orchestral in theirs), but the actual arrangements are quite different.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I've learnt a lot in the last ~6 months and I definitely feel like each track I've worked on in that time has been better than the last. I understand EQ, Compression, etc. far better than I did when I was working on my earlier stuff, so I'm glad that it's a noticeable improvement.

    Also thanks for pointing out the harmony stuff. It's not really something I noticed while I was working on it because I guess I'm used to stuff that isn't completely harmonic or whatever, but I can definitely see where you're coming from.

    By the way, thanks so much MindWanderer for running this competition and to everyone I worked with and went up against. I've learnt so much from everyone and have really enjoyed listening to all the tracks.

  2. The Wind Sings of a Journey is re-opened. Also there are a few people who have not returned my PMs about the missed deadline, so unfortunately I've had to reopen their tracks as well.

    All currently open tracks are below:

    The Wind Sings of a Journey

    Memory of Running

    Calmly Travelling

    To The Sea

    If any of you still want to participate (which I would love), please post here or PM me and I'll close your respective track again, but in the meantime if there's anyone else who is interested, please let me know as well.



    I have great hair.

    Need pics as proof. Glad to hear the track is coming along though :).

    Edit: Accidentally Listed Wanderer's Path as re-opened the first time around. Sorry jane, my mistake :oops:.

  3. Kuolema. You made my life.

    That track is now one of my favourite OC ReMixes. Just tidy up those hats at the start and sub it to the panel.

    It's so goddamn fun to listen to. <3

    I'm on my fourth listen and still smiling.

    Wow, thanks! That means a lot to me. I'm really glad you like it :-D.

    I'd definitely like to submit it, but I think I'm going to try and record it live before I do; I didn't really have enough time to learn the parts properly for the competition, so everything had to be sequenced.

    Once I've had some time to practice though I'm going to give it a shot.

  4. I must respectfully disagree with what The Amazing Atheist has to say on this subject. Not less than a minute in, I was groaning at the irony of the argument that "we, the audience, are not allowed to have an opinion..." as I'm sitting here listening to his opinion. Disabling comments doesn't stop discourse; anyone is free to post his or her own response in his or her own space. Anita has simply taken control of her own platform for delivering her message. She is denying trolls, supporters, dissenters-- everyone-- free and unbridled access to the audience that her video pulls in. She's made it so that if TAA or anyone else wants to respond, then they'll have to work to find their own audience on their own youtube page, website, or platform. I think that's fair, especially considering the abuse Anita received on her kickstarter video page, and considering the general "quality" of the discourse I've seen in youtube comments. Youtube is great for getting a one-way message out to a wide audience, but there are better places for a serious discussion than the comments section of youtube, in my opinion.

    Anyway, the next 5 minutes of TAA's video are dedicated to tearing down Radical Feminists who don't really have anything to do with Anita's video. I guess his point is that he welcomes this kind of dissent-- highlights it, even. But I suppose my response to that would be... why? What do you gain by cherry-picking the most hateful comments to dissect and respond to? It seems like a waste of time to me. When Anita addressed these kinds of comments at her TED talk, she gave a few specific examples but otherwise simply referenced the sheer volume of the comments to illustrate that the backlash against her isn't just from a few fringe actors-- it's a widespread pathology. TAA has a point when he says that what the Radical Feminist bloggers had to say isn't any less sexist, but I think he's missing the larger picture here. At 6:38 in his video, when he compares Anita's feedback to his own, I couldn't help but notice how Anita's graphic is plastered with dozens of examples of the hate-speech and threats she received, while on TAA's side of the comparison, we have a solitary blogger. To me, that graphic plainly illustrates a large inequality, but disappointingly, TAA never recognizes it.

    The video kind of derails from there, imo. TAA says that disabling comments and ratings sends a signal that Anita can't handle the criticism. Well, that's not the signal I got. I just figured she was tired of the flood of unintelligible trolls, much like any one of us might hit the mute button on someone blasting music or screaming in the mic in an online game. I don't think that voluntarily subjecting oneself to unsolicited annoyance is a sign of personal strength-- that line of reasoning doesn't register with me. Next, TAA sets up a false dichotomy between Pro Feminists and Anti Feminists. The issue is much more complex than that. Radical Feminism (the kind that TAA addresses earlier in his video) has largely been replaced by the more even-tempered Modern Feminism, which casts off the misandric tendencies of its predecessor. TAA doesn't ever seem to acknowledge this, from what I can see. He characterizes all of Feminism solely by the characteristics of Radical Feminism, which is a fallacy of composition.

    I hope I don't come off as combative in this post... I love you all and I don't think anyone is a misogynist if they disagree with Anita, or me. I feel that TAA missed the mark on his video though.

    This is pretty much exactly how I felt about that video.

  5. Part of the reason she needed the money was to buy the games she was going to be talking about. There's a picture floating around with her surrounded by stacks of video games that must have cost a good chunk of money.

    Also, we've only seen one video in a series that is intended to run for much longer. It's possible that later installments will be much more involved.

  6. My biggest problem with Lets play and other gaming videos is the commentary. God these people sound like hell! Pretty much ruins the entire game for me right there.

    This is why I created this thread. Yeah, almost everyone out there is really bad at it, so it's nice to be able to find the people who are any good.

    I've watched a bit of retsupurae, but I don't really like their videos very much, they get pretty boring quick.

  7. So since 90% of everything is crap...who are some of your favorite LPers?

    Apart from a few people that I really love I have a pretty hard time finding anyone I enjoy watching, so I figured I'd start a thread to help filter it out.

    Anyone want to share?

  8. To be honest I'd kind of like to see somewhat more open-ended themes for this competition. I liked the pilot and ep. 1 a lot because they didn't really limit what games participants could choose from and yet they still maintained solid themes. It seems a bit unnecessary to me to put restrictions like no PC games on the theme.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on the subject, Probably not the best place to put this, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. I know coming up with themes isn't the easiest thing to do and otherwise I think you're doing a great job with the competition :).

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