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  1. Word cannot describe how much I love this. It was outstanding, my friend. Four thumbs up!
  2. Hey man. Im curious... Why were your mixes originally in the Halo section and then you moved them to the Marathon section? Seriously... why the change of heart?

  3. Nick this was amazing. I downloaded all three of the mixes and mashed them all together to make one song. I called it The Forerunner Triumverate. Oh nonoononoo I dont take the credit!!! It all goes to you. I just mashed them together is all! X)
  4. I was honestly gonna leave that to da pros but I guess youre right... AGAIN!!! *Another penny for you* But The Damned is right. Let it go... for now.. >> << >> << Ok... What do you mean by getting up in my own grill? Realizing my mistakes and asking for forgivness? >> Sure Ill let what happened here go but the desire for an awesome themesong will never disappear... Ok. If you say so. >>
  5. I did not create it so I am in no position to say what happens to it. Enjoy if you so wish. BTW I wanted tthe topic to catch peoples attention so they would read it. Well thats kinda where youre wrong. I definately appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to do that for me but the fact you did it in a way that makes me feel stupid is kinda upsetting. You are definately in the right to say and do whatever the hell you want about it and with it because I offered no money and you decided to do it anyway and it is still YOUR product. Now I am honestly willing to pay but at the moment I
  6. I guess I should have thought of that first. Well... thats a lie. I did BUT the fact that when it comes to mixes and music the people here are the best in my opinion. Thats why I asked. Dreams really dont come true do they... v_v
  7. ; You know... I was kinda hoping somebody would TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!! I was hoping somebody who would honestly be interested would do it. If you wanted to make fun of me why not just use vulgar language and big words or something...
  8. Chocolate vanilla swirl if you dont mind. Actually... I was wondering if somebody would be willing to make me a theme song? My brother and I try making our own music and it doesnt work out so well. I cant make music worth a poopy and he doesnt know how to make decent music at all. Our best one is something like Crei-Z-Space or something and thats about it. Its pretty good Id say. If I can get it on the webz Ill put it up and yall can tell me whatcha think. We have a program called ACID. Its ok I guess... are we just not using it right? Hmmm... OH! ADD! Well lets get back on topic shall we? I w
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